Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Cupboard and art

The two words in the subject heading are totally unrelated to each other, but I thought I'd share with you our next small project and my arty Sunday.

Arty Sunday life-drawing session

The crack in the cupboard

We have a built-in broom cupboard at one end of our sun room next to the bathroom. It has one top shelf which hosts the bath towels and below is space to put the vacuum cleaner, ironing board and broom.

The cupboard is starting to crack apart - the vjs are splitting quite visibly. The door clasp has long disappeared and it closes with a dodgy hook and eye contraption. It really is in a sad state and Jason is coming to its rescue...

It is only a small job - hopefully Jason can save it before it falls down completely. He will also attempt to put in an additional shelf or two, so we have extra linen storage (we currently have none).

And to change the subject completely, my life-drawing session on Sunday was great (the experience more so than the art I produced). Such a pleasant way to unwind for a few hours! Chris and Susan organised the session at their house with ten people sketching or painting the life-model. The bonus was the delicious lunch provided to the artists and model!
My attempt is in the fore-ground
I adored all our different interpretations of the same subject. It amazes me how individual we all are.

The collection of art from one sitting


  1. The art drawings remind me of 'Rose' on the Titanic. lol That would be so fun to do. I hope to start painting some day. :)

  2. Hello, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I am glad you like it! This session drawing session sounds like a great experience to sahre your view with others! Have a nice day, Monika


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