Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Super deluxe monster cooker

Almond butter biscuits and jam drops cooling

Roast beef cooking evenly on the rotisserie

I have never had a new oven before, let alone this super deluxe monster cooker which is gleaming ever so brightly in our renovated kitchen. With all sorts of knobs and buttons, I was a little daunted by it...
But that is all over, after spending Saturday morning at the free cooking course which explains how to use my Ilve oven. What a revelation! I did not realise how advanced cooking technology has become. This oven can turn itself on and off, clean itself, defrost as well as cook. Now, if I can just harness that energy into food preparation, menu planning and grocery shopping I will have it made...

It was well worth the effort to attend, and especially motivating after weeks without a kitchen. I am fairly confident with all the features and know that I am using the oven correctly. Since Saturday, I have made pizza, a rotisserie chicken (stuffed with lemon and garlic), rotisserie beef (with a rosemary and mustard glaze) and two batches of biscuits.

I'm in kitchen heaven.


  1. The only thing in my kitchen that relates to heaven is that people are happy if my cooking doesn't kill them!
    You lucky lady, looks like you are getting plenty of practice...or should I say your lucky family!

  2. Yummy! Oh my goodness! That roast looks so good! & That chicken stuffed with lemon & garlic... All of this does sound heavenly! What an incredible oven! I'm not much of a cook.. But maybe with an oven like this!? Those cookies look really yummy too!

    Let us know what else you make! Oh gosh.. Now I need to go find something to eat for lunch! LOL ~ Teresa

  3. You guys are hilarious! Thanks for the nice comments - it is so nice to have a good kitchen finally! xx Anita

  4. Oh my, I need to learn how to cook. If it didn't go into the microwave, I'd starve. haha

    Your meal looks delicious!

  5. Every girl deserves a really good oven! Mine is a shocker & will feel my wrath via MOTH's sledge hammer later in the year when our kitchen renos. start. My dream is a 90cm. oven, so I won't have to cram everything in a la a giant balancing act.
    Millie ^_^


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