Monday, 14 September 2009

Unexpected but not really

Subway tiles

Freshly painted french door

On Saturday morning we had a surprise visit from the tiler (actually he was expected but we were surprised he showed up). And wow! The tiling has completed the kitchen.

We were wondering how the white subway tiles were going to look on the old VJ walls. The VJs are in such bad condition - Jason tried to get them as smooth as possible but was hesitant to get the belt sander on to them, because of the layers of lead paint underneath.

There has been much agonising over the condition of the walls in the kitchen. However a good friend of ours said we should not go over the top with getting the walls perfect - the house is nearly 80 years old and that is part of the charm of an old home. If we wanted perfect walls, we should have bought a new house. A fair point.

Anyway, the tiler has done a cracker of a job, given the undulating nature of the walls. We think they look great.

Jason has almost finished painting the rest of the kitchen. One more coat on the walls and then two coats of gloss on the doors and frames.

Good-bye to the custard coloured windows and french doors. This Sow's Ear is indeed transforming....

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