Thursday, 24 September 2009

La poussiere

I spent a few days at my Mum's place with the three boys. My Mum is French Polynesian and speaks French fluently. I speak French too but not so fluently - it gets me by, but I do not attempt to intellectualise (not that I do so in English).

After a few days with my Mum and her Franglais, I came back home this afternoon thinking more in French. And the first word that came to mind when I entered our home was la poussiere. The dust.

The poor Sow's Ear is shrouded in a coating of fine dust from yesterday's enormous dust storm. Oh dear. I'm looking at it as I write. Hoping it will blow back to where it came no avail.

Gee, I hate mopping.

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  1. Plenty of sympathy here and apparently that's not the end of it, there's more to come. My last post is about the dust we encountered when we lived in Wagga Wagga.
    Bon soir,


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