Saturday, 19 September 2009


Most mornings at the Sow's Ear, we sit down to have our breakfast on the back deck. It is still a bit brisk at this time of the year, particularly at 6 am when the sun is just making its entrance.

Jason prepares our coffee while I prepare the food. Nothing too fancy, but the shot of caffeine is a great kick-start to the day.

The outlook we have, although mainly suburban, is very serene and we can see one forest reserve. If we are lucky, during the week we see the hot air balloons floating effortlessly across our vista.

The two small specks are the hot air balloons

A nice way to begin the day.

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  1. Hi Anita, what a great outlook you have, although the balloons are making me a tad homesick. In NZ we used to get them floating right over out house and every Easter there is a hot air balloon festival and the skies were full of the most awesome balloons...might even suggest as an idea for Tourism Gold Coast.
    From my kitchen window I can see the high rises at Broadbeach and the Q1 tower off in the distance, no water views unfortunately but I'll take what I can get!
    It's another beautiful day, have a good one,


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