Friday, 11 September 2009

A week in review

Child's Butterfly Chair in front entry

This is probably the first week where I haven't had a series of trade-people crawling in and out of the Sow's Ear...well, almost...

Monday morning I had a phone call from Raj who said that Prime Minister Rudd was willing to pay for my roof insulation in a bid to save the planet. There were no up-front payments and they could come the next day to do the job. Too good to be true, surely? Well I sussed it out further, consulting my friends. 'Yes, yes, as easy as that!' they assured me.

Tuesday morning, 10 minutes before the appointed time (too good to be true?), a good-looking bloke turns up (again, too good?) with his minions and within an hour the Sow's Ear was insulated with no money exchanging hands.

I'm not too sure whether this roof insulation will keep the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Perhaps it has a placebo affect? Perceived temperature control? At any rate, since we are lacking in the ceiling fan department, it would have to help during a hot and steamy Brissy summer.

The rest of the week has been spent blissfully devoid of fitting-in with trade-people. A little wrangling over the kitchen payments (a few small errors) and about why the tiler is phantom-like were some issues which cropped up. Apparently, the tiler is coming tomorrow, but I like to keep my expectations low, as you well know!

Jason is tackling the last kitchen wall for painting but the motivation is waning. Tiredness is overtaking him. Poor thing.

I inherited some cool art pieces from my good mates, Chris & Susan (their house was in last week's Q-weekend house feature in The Courier Mail ). The pieces are two antique Stations of the Cross salvaged from an old church - gorgeous carved timber frames. Just thinking were they will look best - Jason has banned them from the bedroom!

I am also waiting on four 1960's teak bar stools for the kitchen to be shipped up from Melbourne. A surprise find that was too good to let pass. Much cheaper than going to Great Dane but a hell of a lot more satisfying than going to Super A-mart! Cross fingers they won't get lost in transit.

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  1. Hi there! Thanks so much for following my blog. It is such a buzz to know that people are taking the time to have a look. I got my very first comment yesterday and I was ridiculously excited, lol.
    We took advantage of KRudd's kind insulation offer at the start of winter and honestly didn't use any form of heating whatsoever all winter long. Just hoping it will be as effective during the summer months and drop the temp. a few degrees as we were led to believe it would.
    Enjoyed reading your blog. You certainly appear to have alot of potential in that lovely house! Sadly mine is 11 years old and devoid of any character whatsoever :-(


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