Thursday, 14 January 2010


Painting the lounge room is a slow, slow process. And white is not a satisfying colour to paint, especially if you do two coats and undercoat. Colour is always more fun (the blondes of the paint world!).

Jason is extremely precise with his painting. He says he hates using a roller on the VJ walls and prefers using a brush - ensuring the paint is evenly distributed within the grooves.

Slapdash he is not. I suspect undiagnosed OCD is closer to the truth...

Last night, he completed the second wall. Already, it has given us instant light; allowing us to see clearly through the custard-coloured haze which now occupies only half of the lounge room.

Two walls, one set of French doors, one panelled door and ceiling to go and then install a new light fitting, rehang art, solve our indiscrete TV problem...a long arduous process, done with loving meticulous attention.

Hope you don't get bored with these lounge room posts.

Now when I have my second morning coffee, I can gaze contentedly at the continuous white walls.

Jason painting late last night. He really does love this house!


  1. From one long-time house painter to another - a big hug for Jason!! The white paint looks fantastic, its really breathed new life into those VJ's. And yes no roller on those, just much dab, dab, dabbing with the brush. Great job you guys!
    Millie ^_^

  2. Anita & Jason! It Looks Absolutely Beautiful!! Awesome Job Jason!! You guys are never boring!! Keep up the Great work! & Wonderful posts Anita!

    Big Hugs ~ Teresa

  3. What a fantastic job Jason is doing! And how good do those floorboards look against the white!!!! Anita, you must be so pleased with the way it's coming along. The end result will be soooo worth the time and effort.

  4. I agree it looks absolutely fantastic, isn't it amazing what a different a coat of paint makes. And yay to no more custard colour.

  5. I love the fact that your breeze spaces have have the same feature design as my house! I agree as much as it is a pain, the brush does work best on VJs

  6. That looks lovely and well worth the effort. I love the freshness of it, and how the panelled lines make it soar. I know what you mean about banishing the haze and it's a great feeling.

  7. right - I think you need a splash of colour! I'll hop to it then ;-)

  8. They look great! I would die to have detail like that. You are lucky your hubby is so into it - perfect!


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