Thursday, 7 January 2010

Renovating refugees

When Jason starts a job around the Sow's Ear, we (the boys and I) have taken to fleeing the house for the day.

We did that on Sunday after the impromptu bout of renovating. With no warning, we descended upon my Mum (lucky her). We like to avoid that Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde thing Jason has going on when he picks up a hammer.

Unfortunately, the timing of Jason's efforts was off. He started back at work this week, so it will be slower going - painting and prepping one VJ wall at a time. It is not ideal but at least it's easier with kids.

When we got back on Sunday evening, Jason had prepped two walls for painting and had undercoated one wall.

One wall nearly finished. Painting is being done in the evening when Number 3 son is asleep. It is the only way with an 18 month old.

Removing the picture rails has made a big difference to the room - giving the illusion of more height.

It will look great when finished.


  1. Uggh, takes me back... Just keep your eyes on the prize - how great it will look at the end!

  2. It's going to look wonderful so soon! From those photos it looks as though things are coming together...

  3. will look amazing I am sure. Lucky you have somewhere to escape to! Katrina x

  4. Wow, just looking through your blog today and it's great to see where you're at...


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