Monday, 18 January 2010

Simply illuminating

Our eyes are peeled for different light fixtures for both the front entry and lounge room.

Let me refresh your memory and show you what is there now:

 Possibly the original light fixture in the lounge room. Painted orange shell.  I find the light it casts depressing.

 Front entry light: plastic, green and conical. Hmmm or is that comical?

This is what I have been looking at for design inspiration:

Coral light by David Trubridge

I would love this to hang in our front entry. I love the simplicity of the design. The light that it will cast will suit the shadowy nature of our latticed entry.

Jeremy Cole's Aloe Blossom

The concept of a blossoming light is breathtaking as well as sculpturally beautiful.

Interestingly, both contemporary lights are designed by very talented New Zealanders. We are just getting a price for both lights to see if they even remotely fit into our non-existant budget. I'm guessing the Aloe will be out of reach...

I am also partial to a spot of Danish:

Poul Henningsen PH5 Lamp

A contender for the lounge room.

Utzon lamp designed by Jorn Utzon

This is a possibility for the front entry.

I haven't looked at the chain store light fittings just yet. No doubt they will be more affordable. I'm also checking out ebay and the op shops just in case there is something that takes my fancy.

I'll post my selection from the budget friendly range soon.


  1. Not sure if this is helpful information or not, but we installed two of the coral pendants in a large family room and could not be happier with them - they cast a beautiful pattern of light on the ceiling and the room. We get LOTS of positive comments about them. The only catch is they come flat packed and you have to put all the shapes together! But with a glass of wine it is not too hard...

  2. Eve, first hand information is always helpful - I'm so glad you're happy with them. I knew they were flat-packed and was concerned. But if all it takes is a glass of wine, then I'm up for it! I really appreciate your comments and feedback. Cheers

  3. Great taste in designers Anita, although I am biased towards Kiwis!
    I love choosing light fittings, it's so much fun. Hope you don't find the decision making too stressful!

  4. The coral light is beautiful - I can imagine the lovely lacy light from it. Hope you get it!

  5. I love them all - but the aloe blossom light really sings!

  6. The Coral is pretty cool.. But.. I vote for the Aloe Blossom too..
    Very pretty!

    Hugs ~ Teresa


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