Saturday, 9 January 2010

three seven

An old screen print finally framed

Blue Envelopment 1975 - Veda Arrowsmith

Tuimata written by my great-grandfather Bjarne Kroepelien (1890 -1966). It was tanslated from Norwegian to French in 2009.

Tuimata was originally published in Norway in 1944. I received this new edition in the post a few days ago from relatives overseas

clean up after drinks and h'or d'oeuvres with some lovely friends and

Jason is kindly doing the dishes this morning

the prospect of a nice day with all my boys.

Aging is good.


  1. The print is divine. And your great gandfather wrote a book. How fantastic.. What is it about? Looks like a polynesian theme? xoxo

  2. Thanks everyone re print - I love it too.
    Jane - the book is about his experiences in Tahiti in 1917-18 and the story of his love for Tuimata. He was a bibliophile whose collection on French Polynesia inspired the Kon Tiki expedition. Probably not that interesting for many but a nice piece of family history.


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