Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Bedroom progress - nearly there

We moved Number One son back into his bedroom on the weekend. He had been sleeping on a mattress in our room for over a week.With school resuming today we wanted  #1 to be able to have his room back.

His room is not quite done - the French doors and the wardrobe doors are yet to be painted. We just ran out of time. We also need to hang some of  #1's artwork onto the bare walls and add some other final touches like coat hooks, blinds, new bedding and a small set of vintage drawers/shelves. 

The furniture is very basic. The double bed used to Jason's when he was bachelor, and the desk is some 1980s grey vinyl thing which was passed onto us by Jason's family. It's fine. It is all perfectly solid and functional. 

We realise it is a room which will evolve over time to our son's eight year old tastes. At the moment he is crazy about WWII Cromwell tanks and other military vehicles, but who knows what he will like next month?

At least he won't have to share his room with the flakes of paint which used to fall off the wall. It's a lovely looking room now which he likes enormously. 

I'll share some more shots of this room when we do the finishing touches after serious consultation with #1.

This bedroom opens from the kitchen and opens out onto the back deck.

 1980s desk with IKEA chair

He still likes to sleep with Teddy

Bare white walls waiting for art

Before show taken from the back deck

Before shot of the flaking paint


  1. Bet he's going to be super happy in there! Loving it...and is that really an Ikea chair? Gorg.

  2. It's looking great - I love the light - it looks great hanging and reminds me sooo much of my childhood!!

  3. I like the grey desk and Ikea chair. They are actually quite cute together...and regardless of finishing touches just that nice white wall looks fantastic.

  4. Its a great size room. The paint looks fab, love the windows!, cheers katherine

  5. You've done well - it's fresh and inviting for grown-up eyes, and a canvas of possibility for an 8 year old.

  6. How excited he must be. It looks great. I'm smitten with the lovely window!

  7. A job well done Anita! It looks fantastic.
    We have child no.3 sleeping on a mattress on the floor in our bedroom for the next 10 days while the in-laws are visiting. It's very cosy :-/

  8. So much better. I love the Ikea chair - wish we had Ikea in Tas!!

  9. What a great space, I have a seven yr old son & he loves to decorate his own space, he also has a bit of an army addiction as well. I can't wait to see his art on display, my son loves it when I frame his drawings!!!

  10. Hi Anita, that looks so much better. Love those VJ walls. I bet your little boy is thrilled with his room and I love that IKEA chair, it looks great.

  11. He must love being back in his own room. Its looking great

  12. Wow thats a great change! I bet he is happy to have his own space back again and I bet you are too! Love the ikea chair.

  13. I bet he loves it - am starting my 8 year old's bedroom in the next week or two. This looks fabs

  14. hello, brismod , lovely to have a little visit round here, you've been very kind commenting on mine, you've done a gorgeous job on sons room, i love white tongue and groove with a passion. ..the rest of your house looks lovely and i'm mad about your famous furniture .

  15. Love the chair and that beautiful window in your son's room. He must be so happy you're making it over. My son is only four but is so thrilled whenever I tinker with the decor in his room. I'm currently moving/adding artwork in there and it is already making such a big difference. Your son is quite the artist, even being so particular about the color of the frame. :-) Can't wait to see the finished result.


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