Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Dreaming of Florence Broadhurst cushions

For some reason or another I've never jumped on that soft furnishings train, so we are cushion poor.

But I'm at the station now and I'm about to board.

Soldier cushion made by Melissa from Seamstress & the Daughters

It started a month or two ago with this cushion, which I bought for our youngest son's birthday. Vintage 1950s Napoleonic soldier fabric - it was too hard to resist. Nothing like some foppish soldiers to decorate a boy's room!

Recently, I bought a grey Rapee cushion at Spotlight. Very suburban I know. It's fairly simple and I liked it. This is the only cushion in any of the main living areas - a very sorry state of affairs.

Fingers sample and Kabuki sample

And now, I'm toying with the idea of having some scatter cushions made from my favourite Florence Broadhurst fabrics.

The samples came yesterday. They're gorgeous but the fabric costs $143 per metre. Perhaps not the fabric for a soft furnishings novice...I absolutely love the Fingers pattern above all the designs but I have to think about it before I commit.

Thinking...thinking...maybe I should wait for the next Signature Prints sale...or just bite the bullet and splurge?


  1. Wait for the sale. I bought two cushions from them on sale, they are really really high quality. Bad news is I think they only just had one.

    Love their stuff. So interesting. So sad about Florence, did you know she was actually murdered?

  2. Yes - I haven't read the book but saw the documentary a few years ago. Terrible demise. I knew about the sale...just wasn't thinking cushions at the time...silly me!

  3. Hmmm, you could wait for the sale or you could buy a metre, or whatever their minimum is and use the Florence only on the front and a nice linen on the back. That way you'd make double the cushions!

  4. I'd buy the fabric if that's what you really have your heart set on. Anything else will only remind you that you never bought the Florence Broadhurst.

    You won't need heaps of them. Just keep textas away!

    I had marimekko cushions made a few years ago and they are backed with a matching linen, so as to stretch the fabric dollars.

  5. I love a good cushion and Florence Broadhurst fabric is great. You could always buy offcuts or leftovers and make patchwork-style ones...Jane :)

  6. Splurge baby.....remember the shirts!!haha and I think the details are important. by the way I put up a picture of a sexy Don Rex arm chair...wanted to say under the picture...a bit of chair porn for Anita... haha, I resisted thought other bloggers might think I had gone crazy or crazier.

  7. Hi Anita, yeah I feel the pain... I have been pricing some material lately too and as always the ones you like are always over $100 per metre. I agree with the idea of putting a plain linen backing so that you can get more cushion for your buck!

  8. Oh welcome aboard, Anita, this is a good, good train! And I love your soldiers; please go straight to the posh seat at the head of the carriage. You clearly have that innate cushion instinct.

  9. yeah, they did just have one, but it seemed to go for ages. never know your luck, might still be something online...


  10. Oh Anita, I'm cushion poor too and on the lookout! I've been trawling Etsy. Cushions and Sox - why are they so expensive for such simple things? Can't wait to find out what you do.

  11. I am a big fan of luscious and gorgeous cushions...go for it!

    How much were those Rhodes and Beckett's shirts again????

    Best wishes,

  12. Love that soldier cushion Anita, it's so unique. I look in 2nd hand clothing stores for fabric. Some of those old 60's dresses/blouses/skirts are made from very cool material.

  13. Could you appliqué the samples to plain backing, like a frame for a precious image? I did that, ended up thinking it looked better than a whole patterned cushion.

  14. My son has a habit of chewing on the corner of the cushions, throws.... anything. Beast!! I wouldn't let im anywhere near those beautiful ones. No way!


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