Thursday, 29 July 2010

Danish style tear drop light

Danish style light

This little tear drop cutie arrived from Canberra today. I tell you, it's an Australia-wide search for affordable vintage mid century lighting. (Even with postage, this was still cheaper at a vintage Canberra shop than another light I was eyeing off in Brisbane).

My movements are somewhat restricted with a little one still at home with me. Vintage light shops, architectural salvage stores and antique places are really out of the question. These stores are not fun for either of us, so my quest for lighting is relegated to online shopping, for now.

I'm finding ebay to be slim pickings. And the only real bargains I have ever obtained have been because items are misspelt or incorrectly classified and that's not often.

This new light has a lovely, elegant shape. It also has the all-important teak cap which always seems to be missing on this type of light fitting. The ugly curly energy saving light bulb will be nicely hidden too. I like to be green when I can.

The new light will be for Sons #2 & #3's room, if Carlo the Electrician ever returns to finish the rewiring of the house.

Carlo and his crew must come back, because we haven't paid him for the considerable work done already. One consolation, I suppose...more time to find lights.


  1. That is great and those lights work really well for children's rooms because no glary globes.

    Yes I think Australia is quite poorly served in terms of light fittings. Those Americans don't know how lucky they are!

  2. Brilliant light! It is hard to find value-for-money Mid-Century stuff. Unfortunately, the glory days seem to be over! I get the impression that Americans can still find bargains ... the market supply is a lot larger over there, I guess.

    Do you know that website that has an encyclopaedia of Danish lights? If not, I'll see if I can find it for you.

    Further, I feel your angst re getting out!

    I also feel extremely frustrated at not being able to go out hunting for things! Possibly that's a financial blessing for me ... I know there are a bunch of shops at Wooloongabba, but do you think I'd even contemplate going with either a baby or baby and hyper-active preschooler?

    We need a Mid-Century nanny cum electrician.

  3. Hey Anita, Fun light, before you turn around your little man will be big...the lights will still be waiting...the time you have with him can't ever be put off, Katherine xx

  4. Ah those Danes, they really nailed the use of the curve. It looks almost as though you could put water in it and use it at the table.... probably not such a good idea from a health and safety point of view...

  5. Love Mid-Century stuff - so great find! Jane :)

  6. Very cool light. You must spill where in the town I call home it came from. I promise not to pinch anything you might like...merely keep an eye out for you!

  7. Kerry,
    I found the light at
    I think they are at the Burley Griffin Antiques Centre. And they were very nice to deal with. xx

  8. very nice.... simple and sleek. reasonably priced is a bonus!

  9. Hi Anita, you are right this light is a lovely shape and will really suit your home. Glad you found it!
    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you would like to join.

  10. This is beautiful! Love a Great Dane.


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