Saturday, 30 July 2011

Back roof gable

There's little reward for painting parts of the house that no one could possibly see from ground level. Like the back roof gable on the Sow's Ear.

(I lied. You can see it, the very peak of it, if you stand near the mango tree in the very far corner of our backyard.)

Jason painting the back roof gable. He's standing on the deck roof.

Jason looking buff in this photo. Just a gratuitous shot for his fans. You can thank me later Mr Rooney.
The job still needs to be done despite it not delivering much bang for our buck. Really, I don't know how much satisfaction Jason gets from doing these sorts of jobs? That's the bittersweet reality of renovating an old house I suppose.

It will be good when we finally tackle the fa├žade though. And that's not too far away at the rate we are progressing!


  1. good to hav ethe help though ... MIC painted our qlder in bris all by himself in between school drop off and pick ups :) le xox

  2. That man is a power house. Can tell he is just itching for the weather to warm up so he go shirtless for all the dedicated followers. The sow's ear is coming up nicely by the way. I hope he doesn't have some sort of midlife crisis when all the painting is complete and come home with a jetski or something equivalent. melx

  3. It just goes to show he's not only about all the flashy stuff, it's all the details which count. Love Posie

  4. What a good man! He deserves his fan base! Warn him to finish on that reflective roof before the summer sun hits though! My darling hubby tells a good story of shocking sunburn he suffered as an innocent young builder wearing 'cool' wide-legged shorts on a hot tin roof!!!

  5. You'll feel so much better to have it all done though. We've just got the front done. Three more sides to go. Yuck.

  6. nice view!
    its god to be back.... life just got a little crazy. still is ....
    im renovating this week too. a much uglier project tho :)
    ~laura xx

  7. He really is painting very quickly, isn't he?

    I'm starting to think painting looks relaxing.

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    I had a lot of fun putting them together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.


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