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House history - more about the Stables family

The digitisation of newspapers is a treasure trove of fabulous information if you are researching the history of your home.

I periodically check back on the National Library of Australia's Trove website when doing research for some of my writing projects.

The site is progressively updated. I hadn't done a search on the Stables Family, the original owners of the Sow's Ear, for a few months and was pleasantly surprised to find more information about them from recently digitised regional newspapers and later editions of the Australian Women's Weekly. If you are new to the blog, you can read about my house history research HERE, if you are interested.

Anyway, the snippet below is Zoila commenting about Halley's Comet. I wonder if she ever made it to 1986 when the comet made its last appearance? (More importantly, I wonder if I'll make it to 2061 to see the comet again?)

Australian Women's Weekly Letter Box April 25 1973
It's interesting reading her words about her childhood in South America.

I still haven't found out Zoila's date of only next-of-kin can obtain a death certificate if the death occurred within 30 years. I've done some cemetery searches but they've come to nil.

This other snippet is about the death of the matriarch of the Stables family. It sheds light about the family's early life in Queensland before they built the Sow's Ear in Brisbane in 1927.

Morning Bulletin Rockhampton 18 Nov 1943
My most favourite piece of information about Zoila Stables is about her education at the University of Queensland. She won a poetry prize in 1925 and had it published in Galmahra which was the student news publication of the day.

I'm hoping to track down the poem. I'd love to read her work.

Morning Bulletin 6 February 1926


  1. I love reading your blogs about this family. They are so interesting. And I love the trove newspaper site. I've spent many a long night searching through page after page of info! It's so good to think that these memories won't be lost to future generations!

  2. Isnt digging up history such fun?I would just love to be bale to go buy me an old home full of history one day maybe? ....

  3. Now that's a time waster! I mean that in the nicest possible way but I can see myself trawling around that site for days. And, if we are both still here to see the next Halley's Comet, you can buy me a drink and I'll show you my letter from The Queen. (Or maybe it will be King).

  4. What a great site, thanks for the link, Tam x

  5. Wow, how fascinating to know snippets of your homes past life like this! I wonder if there is an equivalent site here. Zoila's Mum must have been quite adventurous for her era - born as a Kiwi, but arriving in Queensland from Argentina. (Did I read that correctly?) xx

  6. Another great site to lose yourself in! Can you get a copy of the uni's paper from the time through their archives or the state library?

  7. Born in my birth town and originating from my husband's land. I feel connected!

  8. I don't suppose it would ever have crossed her mind that these little snippets of family history would be so interesting to so many people!

  9. Thanks everyone. I'm glad it interests you too. I received an email yesterday from the Fryer Library and they had some news for me which I will post on the blog soon.

    House and Dust and Fur I think it's only available at the UQ library...

    Amanda, you did read that correctly.

    Travelling with Ana, how true! Such an eclectic mix!xx


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