Monday, 21 May 2012

Bedroom side of the house

There's still so much painting to do on the Sow's Ear. It's ridiculous. We think we are Dulux's best domestic customer in Australia because we just finished another 15 litre drum of exterior gloss this weekend.

Jason spent a few hours on Saturday and Sunday painting the new weatherboards on the bedroom side of the little pigster.

Jason painting the window sills.
(You know that there's a chill in the air when Jason's wearing a shirt.)

Jason has big plans to change the single-pane casement windows that are in his gimp room under the house (windows on the left in the image above). He wants to swap them for windows in the hopscotch profile to make it consistent to the rest of the Sow's Ear. We already have the windows from when we bought a stash of windows from our mate Will (you can read here about it here).

Jason must've been feeling super-energetic because he also painted the joists on the underside of the bay window. If we stood still enough, I reckon Jason would paint me and the kids too.

Painted joists under the bay window. You can also see one of the original hopscotch windows of the Sow's Ear here
And this last shot is for the hard-core Jason fans. There's the faintest hint of man flesh there for huge fans like the lovely F from The White House. No need to thank me...

Look at the painting stance and technique...
This is Jason's new-work-around-the-house uniform.
My Mum kept my brother's old shirts from when he was a teenager in the 80s and often gives Jason first dibs. Ha!


  1. When all the painting is finally done, you'll have to line up a very expensive counsellor for Jason so that he can deal with the emptiness of life as experienced by the rest of us non-painters.

  2. I bet Jason paints in his dreams too! He's what my boys would call... hard core...or maybe it's totally sick..I can't keep up. Lookin good!!

  3. I have never known anyone to paint soooo much! When Jason had finished your home, can he please come visit us ( with his paintbrush) ?

  4. Oh it all looks lovely. Including the sadly not shirtless Jason ;-) . I was reading this and then saw my name and blushed :))))) All this hard work will be worth it. F xx

  5. Hello:
    Does Jason travel to the Northern Hemisphere? His painting technique looks faultless, we have to say, as does the finished product. And, of course, what is so good about exterior maintenance is that once one has reached the end of it, it will be time to start all over again!

  6. Just wanted to Let you know that you are the lucky winner of my moroccanoil giveaway :)


  7. You know a devoted painter when they paint the underside of something!

  8. How did you train him to be such a worker???

  9. I'm so impressed! Go Jason. Send him round my place when he's finished there, k?

  10. Wow, you guys are painting fools! I've got an entire house in needs of painting, should you get tired of the Sow's Ear and feel like jumping a plane...=]

  11. I'm impressed with lack of bottom crack, well done team!! Too hilarious about the fashion - pretty tame for the 80's or does it have a big fluoro pink "Choose Life" across the front?? What a fantastic painter you have there. We plan on painting our home when we build it, but i know soldier boy will wince with back pain at every turn, yet soldier on (literally) but i have to be there every second to cheer him on, it's how it goes here!!
    I see the point with the windows & if you have them already, it will look fantastic. You might be slow & steady but geesh you get the detail right. Love Posie

  12. PS can totally see all your future guests craning their necks to admire the paintwork for the joists, damn straight they should admire the effort. Love Posie

  13. The house is really a swan. It's gorgeous.

  14. Jason is sporting a French nautical vibe.
    Don't get me started on Dulux. Or Bunnings. The money they have seen from us - certainly a world trip's worth after the two renos.


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