Monday, 7 May 2012

Outsider Art pieces

I finally ventured back to the Monte Lupo ceramic studio - remember when I visited back here? There was a new Mother's Day exhibition coinciding with the launch of a new coffee shop at the on site gallery.

I was very keen to see the new pieces that had been made since my last visit, particularly as I had a child-free afternoon. Many of the pieces were selling very fast.

The word on the street is that other galleries purchase pieces from Monte Lupo to add to their collections. Even some interior designers purchase what is made in the studio to sell in their shops. It's great to see the support that the artists are given.

Monte Lupo provides a career path for people with disabilities who wish to be gainfully employed in creative industries. They employ over 30 people with a disability. The work that they produce in Brisbane is truly amazing - such talented young artists.

Here are a few shots from my lovely afternoon out at the gallery:

Awesome garden sculptures welcomed us at the gallery entrance. These can be used as planter stands or outdoor tables

Life size garden dwellers. The work involved in these pieces is amazing. The ornamentation is individual hand crafted mosaic tiles. They are so unique.

Happy and cheerful tin people to hang in your favourite tree or on your deck

I couldn't resist purchasing a few small pieces which took my fancy.

This piece is by artist Peter Hughes. It was part of a collection of circus audience members.
She is the only other female in the Sow's Ear. I love her pink hair and alert eyes. It is very Reg Mombassa in style.
A gorgeous bird to keep Buster the Budgie company on the deck.
Apparently birds sell fast because they are all the rage. They are predicting fish to be the new birds as the future trend.

This piece is made by Isaac Patmore who is the production coordinator at Multicap. He is a very talented Queensland potter.
This is a small cup - it reminds me a little of Danish style pottery. Very cool.


  1. Really like the pieces you have chosen- the gallery looks amazing. just waiting for a child fee arvo really. melx

  2. Hi. What do you guys do for termite protection? After you did the downstairs etc and ant cappings no good, and you mentioned old termite and water damage. We've got no termite protection here except visual inspections in our old house and most rooms have old termite damage in the wall frames. A sickening feeling each time we rip down old plaster to renovate room by room. Also evidence of hard core termite treatments many years ago. We are deciding on a bait system for the perimeter of the house to prevent any future invasions. Would appreciate your opinion, you do things thoroughly!! Thank you.

  3. This place sounds so cool! Love the garden dwellers (the one showing vines coming out of the back- so neat!). Love the pieces you got- reading the caption 'circus audience' made me love that piece even more.

  4. Hi Leah, I tried to find an email address for you but couldn't find it.

    We actually have no termite protection. We replaced all the ant capping when we weatherboarded under the house. We also fixed up the areas where water would sit near a timber door frame. All the weatherboards near ground level are hardwood too.

    Physical inspection is probably your best guard against termites. Also, try not to have garden beds or any garden/timber piles too close to your house and fix up any leaky taps or dodgy guttering.

    We have lots of old termite damage under the house and in our old fence. It's a matter of just being vigilant because termites love timber. xx

  5. Excellent choices, they are so happy. xx

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  7. Hi!!
    I have seen your blog, really it's awesome. Basically "Outsider Art pieces" are very are very good and all the designs are heart touching.


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