Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hopscotch window installed

Jason was his regular busy-bee self on the weekend. He successfully replaced one of the casement windows in his man cave/gimp room which is located under the house. He'll be replacing the other one next weekend.

Have a looksy.

 The new but old windows on the right are salvaged windows from an old Queenslander. The single light windows on the left will be advertised for sale along with the other windows we have lying around.  

We've been changing all the single light casement windows and steadily replacing them with windows in the hopscotch style to make the Sow's Ear more consistent.  The single light windows are a consequence of previous renovations and changes to the Sow's Ear over its life. 

Most restoration purists would say that we should leave them, as it forms the fabric or story of the house...Jason likes his windows to be all the same though...at least in terms of profile style. On this side of the house we have a quirky colour combination of the original amber glass, plus windows which have green or clear glass. This is the colourful eclectic side of the house which is not visible from the street.

Anyway, it actually didn't take Jason that long to install the windows. The most time consuming part was taking out the old windows, ensuring they didn't crack.

As you can see in the image below, the new old windows are hinged. We'll add brass casement stays and handles to fasten the windows shut after they are completely painted.

Planing  the casement windows slightly to make them fit.
Jason is sporting his winter work clothes... on a chilly-for-sub-tropical-Brisbane day.
I'll show you the final result when it's all done and dusted.


  1. They're really good looking windows. I understand why Jason wants them to all look uniform. And speaking of uniform, I didn't recognise Jason!

  2. He's a clever lad, that Jason. A-M xx

  3. Ahh... that brings back memories of my very first reno. I had my son (now 8) sitting in his rocker out in the yard while I painted those hopscotch windows - 3 coats each (primer + 2). I swore I would never do another house again. How soon we forget.

  4. My hubs has a workshop under the house too. They do get a bit pedantic about their space don't they?
    I'd like to line up Jason's and Mr red roses work gear to see whose is the most..umm..what's an appropriate word?
    Nice window.

  5. Jason would have a nervous breakdown if her saw Betsy's window situation. We practically have different windows all over this house- does make a nice place to start from as you can pretty much add anything and it blends in! melx

  6. I love the new windows; much more sympathetic to the house style

  7. I love Jason's new look.

  8. Man cave/gimp room - I love it! I can see a model dinosaur through the window - we had the same T Rex and somehow it seems to have been "lost" (taken to Vinnies)during the renovation/moving out and back in again..... boy of the house intermittently asks about it and I feel like a bad mother! Can I ask your advice about where you are selling your windows? I have some lovely silky oak bi-fold doors that we used to have in the kitchen in the old girl but now no longer need. I use eBay for smaller stuff all the time but someone told me that gumtree would be a better option though I have never used it. Thanks! Fx

  9. Thanks everyone. Jason's gimp room/man cave is his hobby room and also the junk room. it's very scary in there at the moment!
    F, I've sold on ebay or The Weekend Shopper in Saturday's paper. I've not tried gum tree yet...

  10. They look great! He's a clever man.

  11. Lol @ gimp room. The house is looking fab.

    TDM xx

  12. Looking fantastic. I'm always impressed with the attention to detail you have gone to. Jason is worth his weight in brass stays and handles.
    I had alot of success with Gumtree for selling when in Brisbane. It's so easy & free!

  13. Hi Anita, just wondering if you have any spare hopscotch casements left over? Cheers, Anita


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