Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Under the deck progress

It's all coming along rather well under the deck.

The May Day long weekend meant we could have a few days straight of painting the new weatherboards. It's looking much schmicker than the old cream fibro that used to be there.

Under the deck

It still has a long way to go. We still haven't finished painting all the deck joists which were painted in heritage green. It just needs one more coat of gloss white.

Newly painted weatherboards under the deck

We also plan to change the style of French doors we have here, so we haven't bothered to paint them. Jason's keen to get French doors in a hopscotch pattern to match the rest of the Sow's Ear. He's very into matchy-matchy.

Six-light French doors under the house
You can also see the joists under the deck are now white

The whole under-the-deck area needs a good hose down too after all the building work which was done last month. There's a few paint splatters which will come off with a bit of high-pressure cleaning. We'll wait until we completely finish painting this area though.

Here is what under the deck looked like a couple of months ago. Cream fibro cladding and heritage green joists.

We are also on the look out for a cool hose reel or hose hanger to keep things tidier. All our hoses are a big hot swirly mess on the ground near the outdoor taps. It's kind of sad.

Does anyone have some good suggestions about what to get or use? What do you use?


  1. Hi, I have just recently found your blog and have been reading your posts. We too are renovating an old Queenslander, it was built between 1900 and 1910. Anyway on to hoses, I saw a free standing hose holder on Depends what colour you're after, all the ones at Bunnings are...........heritage green! Cheers, Anita

  2. Hey Anita (great name btw),
    Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out. And hilarious about the heritage green hose reels at Bunnings!! xx

  3. It's looking SO much better! What a great space. I'm no help with the hose problem, I get messy with them but thankfully Lyn rolls them into a neat circle. I picked nice blue hoses to match the house. No, I'm not a girly artist at all! X

  4. it looks beautiful! no help with the hoses, sorry, I don't own one. Now I'm off to to look at houses in Brisbane - your blog never fails to make me homesick.

  5. It looks fabulous! The new weatherboards are really lovely and give it a real 'finished" look.
    Can't help you with hose rolls though. We had a white one that was scrwewed to the house near the tap, but the white plastic covering has peeled off in sections and the metal has rusted.


  6. Love it Anita! Looks really sharp and crisp. What colour have you used?

  7. We have the peugeot of hose reels. A self winding contraption that cost a mozza and was a Fathers day present last year. Mounted on the wall the hose tucks up inside completely and the whole unit can swivel either direction. Legoman is a bit anal about hoses lying around so I gave in and inflicted it on him as a "gift"( the year before he got a worm farm). Ours is a greyish brown, not even a whiff of heritage green and I think it did come from Bunnings. melx

  8. The hose reel thing is funny because given most houses would have an average of two hoses, I'm guessing, you would think this would be something you would see more of. I must say I am a fan off the old school car rim attached to the house and painted the house colours, it is so aussie 1950's dad to me..... but as you know I am an odd one and often like what others detest ha.

  9. It looks amazing. And what a great place to roller skate, or wrestle, or whatever three lively boys do now-a-days.

  10. I'm with Bungalowgirl ... go the Peugeot of hose reels. I tend to not use our hose because I can never get the thing back on the reel/mount neatly again. I also tend to not hose because we always seem to have dripping nozzles. House is looking great ... love the white.

  11. I have always coveted a large copper Turkish bowl/vase I saw often in a catalogue in England - you just coil the hose in it. I guess it has drainage holes...

  12. What a great spot. The change is amazing!

  13. Looks fab! My hoses are a hot mess so I'm no help sorry.

    TDM xx

  14. It is looking amazing Anita, job well done! I am after a hose reel too and have also been eyeing off the swivel ones mentioned by Bungalow girl. Good luck with your search. ;-)

  15. It's looking fantastic, well done :)

  16. Thank you so much for all the feedback and for hints regarding hose reels/holders. I liked all the suggestions! Even the car rim idea! xx
    Caroline - the house colour is dulux exterior gloss. It's vivid (ie straight out of the tin)and the trim is Dulux peppercorn rent.xx

  17. Ashleigh Morrow13 May 2012 at 00:07

    Being the VW lovers we are, ours is the rim off a 50's beetle, painted to complement the house with its lovely hubcap put back on. Whilst the new fan dangled plastic retractable hose reels are great, I think they look tacky against a Queenslander house. I prefer to upcycle and give old a new lease on life :)


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