Tuesday, 1 May 2012

French style...

Jason was rather glum the other week. It was heartbreaking. I wanted to cheer him up in a way which didn't involve me getting naked...and then I received an email from the Nuffnang Product Talk people saying they would be sending us an iron to test and review.

Perfect! I'll give Jason the iron. What else could a man want? That'll cheer him up.

And it's not an insignificant iron either. It's one of those Tefal steam generator irons which generates, you know, a lot of steam. And it's French. Even more perfect.

As regular readers would know, Jason has a penchant for all things French. French women (that would actually be me as I possess a French passport), Champagne, Peugeot cars (only if they don't break down), and now the 'you beaut' Tefal steam generator iron.

To quote Jason when I showed him a picture of the iron:

"I never imagined there'd be a day when I'd say this, but..... That is pretty cool."

Now this is ironing French style.
Squint and that guy could be Jason with hair, squint harder and that chick could be me trim and taunt.
Poor ol' Jason irons his own work shirts. I used to iron them back in my Betty Draper days, but I saw the light after Son #2 was born. I set out on a path of Constructive Incompetence. Forgetting to iron a sleeve here, burning a hole in the collar there, ironing shirts he no longer favoured...until I was given the sack as Chief Ironer. Take note, my life has been more fulfilling since.

Anyway, the Tefal iron arrived yesterday and did I get the the shock of my life...I hadn't paid attention to the scale of the iron when I looked it up on the website. My frame of reference was our 17 years old iron which is tenuously held together with yellowing masking tape.

This is the old iron. Long past its use-by-date. The shame.

I'll tell you what, this Tefal Pro Express Turbo Iron is one big mofo of a unit (the ghetto talk is seriously the only expression to describe it when you're expecting something more petite). It's the Hummer of the ironing world!

We were sent the Tefal  Pro Express Turbo GV8460 model.
The iron locks into place on the steam generator when it is not in use
So, after reading the instructions I set the Tefal Pro Express up to give it a test run. You basically fill up the tank with tap water, switch it on and get steamy.

For the first time since 2004, I proceeded to iron Jason's work shirts. Not just one, but all of them. I think it was the novelty of the new iron and its impressive steam making capabilities which propelled me to such dizzying heights of domesticity.

Jason's newly-ironed work shirts. He was so happy to see this sight.
The Tefal has a retractable power cord, the iron handle has a trigger which allows you to release steam as you're ironing and it glides effortlessly over clothes. It's as close as you will get to ironing nirvana, if such a place exists. Here is a link to a short (about two minutes) video on how to use it. (It shows you how to vertical steam suits and jackets too.)

Since using the Tefal, I realise just how crappy our old iron was and how inadequate it was for our requirements. It is amazing what you put up with when you don't know what's out there to make life easier.

Don't worry, I'm not about to make a habit out of ironing Jason's shirts full-time, but it will certainly make it a lot easier for Jason to do his own shirts and steam his work suits between wears.

Pre test run, I would never have contemplated buying an iron like this, thinking it was too big and just overkill.

Post test run, I have completely changed my mind. It's a really good product for people who have lots of work or school uniform shirts to iron every week. Like us. Although it is a big outlay initially, it would certainly be worth it.

And remember, it's French. You can Foux Da Fa Fa while you're at it. Repasser!


  1. Jason has an excellent selection of tasteful work shirts.... And ironed so beautifully too.

  2. Very nice, Anita. I'm like you and have NO desire to iron Nick's work shirts. I have enough problems working up the energy to iron my own clothes. But this iron does look just a little bit special.

  3. "I wanted to cheer him up in a way which didn't involve me getting naked" - I love it!

  4. It's a good job Jason's Francophilia doesn't stretch to French motor bikes, or he might easily, in a rush, set off for work with the iron+mothership on top of his head.

  5. Hasn't he got a French car...?

  6. That is one hell of an iron! my other half likes french things as well. He owned a Peugeot but one day when he was driving on the freeway to Sydney the thing decided to catch fire! Hope the iron holds out a bit better.

  7. Thanks everyone.
    PP, it really does look like a helmet when you first see it. Jason has enough steam coming out of his head though!
    Jeska, we have our fingers crossed.
    Tom, what do you mean?

  8. I wonder whether you could add rice to the lower compartment so that it would cook while you ironed?

  9. Nice iron. I also like Jason's shirts. Because they remind me of work now. But I wish I could have Jason's smiley face at work. Did you buy the iron or did someone send it to you? I'd like a crack at it.

    I LOVE THOSE GUYS! THIS SONG CRACKS ME UP IN A BIG WAY. FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS IS THE FUNNIEST THING ON THE PLANET!! I've been yelling a lot recently because the little things get me excited.

  10. Ah, Gerard Depardieu. So looking forward to FOTC at The Boondall in July. Also, I think maybe we need this iron.

  11. I have a big Mofo iron too, but it's one of those Laurastars. Hubby bought it ... seriously! I sent him out to Chaddy to buy an iron to replace one similar to your old one, minus the tape (are you sure that's not an electrical hazard?) ... around a $70 spend I was envisaging. Instead he came back with the Mofo iron and had outlaid close to $1000! Wtf? You really do need a specifically designed ironing board for these irons. We, of course, went one step further and had purpose built a cupboard for the Mofo iron when we were doing our big reno. I'll have to send you the photo. On the upside, the iron is amazing & it is so weird ironing with the old Sunbeam now.

  12. Constructive incompetence. I'm totally stealing that! That's one honkin' iron, lugging that around would make you taut, wouldn't it?? Bien.

  13. I so loved this post, I think you could turn it into a mini-series, it has everything! Will now have Foux Da Fa Fa in my head for the rest of the day ~

  14. My feet have just returned to the ground and I wanted to say the best thing I have done for my ironing was to pad an old table with blankets and cover it with smart ticking (I have a staple gun) so I have a stable ironing table instead of a wobbly ironing board. Also means I sit down to do it!

    I had a Mofo iron years ago, but I dropped it once too often...

  15. Whoa, that iron is the mother load. Like you, I would have been offput with its size, but seems I'd have been wrong! I like that you can steam clothes with it, too. Sweet iron!

  16. I'm with you. I wrecked the Big Fella's shirt when I was teaching textiles. I always managed to get indigo dye through the wash. Clever, mais non?
    Even if the iron is from NASA, which I suspect this one is, I will only ever be a novelty ironer . (New iron, new female child clothes, etc...) I have discovered drip dry for uniforms and will not be converted. However on a less than inspiring morning of dull weather and whinging toddler, the Conchords make me so flippin' happy. This is one of their best! It will go on my favourites on the phone for waiting room time wastage! Merci!

  17. Hi! I'd like to follow this blog. I have just bought a 1918 Queenslander and am moving in to it in the next few months. Can't wait to get some ideas for renovation/decorating

  18. Hi ledlightfan, welcome aboard!!


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