Friday, 4 May 2012

Vintage goodies for sale

One of my readers is having a bit of a mid-century/vintage clean out.

Jo who is a graphic designer from Murwillumbah, in northern NSW, has some fabulous stuff that she is selling. I said that I'd help her out with her clear out (because I am such a sticky beak) by doing this post...also I know that some of  you are always on the look out for some vintage goodies. It's also a nice excuse for a Sunday drive for those living in Brissy.

So, here are just some of the things which are for sale privately before they are farmed off to antique centres or ebay...I believe Jo from Murwillumbah may be a bit of a bower bird much like my mate mid-century Jo from the 'Swich given all the photos she sent me. (Seriously there is much, much more!)

mid-century timber shelf
Retro kitchen canisters

There's two of these timber chairs

There are four of these yellow chairs
Retro kitchen hutch
Vintage hats to be sold in one lot. There's more than just this
antique clothes airer
Retro tea/coffee crockery set

So if you fancy any of the things above or if you want to see more of Jo's sale items, make sure to give her a call.

Jo's mobile is 0404 831 353 or drop me a line and I'll send you her email address. She'd love to hear from you.


  1. Love the shelves! I'm not sure I can get to M'bah though.:(

  2. My mum has a clothes airer just like that - love it :) le xox

  3. So much to love here. Especially the yellow chairs. Fx

  4. Love the shelves too, Brissy too far! :(

  5. Retro cannisters! But I'm in Sydney. Would Jo post? What's the deal. Please PM me (if you can) or msge me contact details on Facebook

  6. Sorry BMod. Few friday wines and i cant read. Jo's email address would be lovely please

  7. Don't tell everyone Anita! I'll email my sister right away, she moves into her house in M'bah this winter...

  8. visit my blog ok ^^ I miss you
    cool your blog

  9. Do you happen to know if she's sold the hats or canisters yet? I'm a little late to the party. I'd love her email address please.


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