Monday, 3 September 2012

Flea with a retro vibe

Keep this Saturday free if you love a little bit of trash and treasure. My friends Chris and Susan, who are the publishers of Australian Modern and Brisbane Modern, are hosting a massive flea as part of their Neighbourhood Watch community.

It's going to be huge, with 22 stall holders from the neighbourhood. Items for sale include a 60s swivel lounge, 60s bar, and there will be a lot of small collectables to 'ooh and aahh' over. And everything is priced to sell, as no one wants to take it back home with them again!

I'm having a combined stall with Son #1 too - with a smattering of retro homewares (think retro kosta boda and iittala) and more contemporary crockery and pre-loved Star Wars toys. I'll be raising cash for our bookclub Christmas party (Son #1 keeps the cash raised from his toys though). 

Belgian milk glass cute!

Life is incomplete without a 1970s Scandi crystal plate...
Members of our bookclub have their hearts set on eating prawns this year...we hope to make that dream a reality....

The very generous Jo from Desire to Inspire donated all her excess teak and monkey wood serving ware to our cause when I visited her last week, with all proceeds going directly to the purchase of prawns. A good woman, our new bookclub patron.

There are some great monkey wood pieces. Fabulous for summer parties or for the beach house or for the retro pad. I've kept the fish right at the back as it is some kind of awesome, a couple of smaller leaf dishes for the boys and the square tray in the middle.

Here are the details if you want a fun morning out:

Saturday 8 September


9 Burchell Street, Carina
(cnr Burchell & Cotswold St)

There will be hot dogs and drinks for sale too.


  1. What a generous friend Jo is - they look fantastic. Saturday morning activities permitting I will pop in - as much for the Star Wars toys as the serving ware :) Fiona x

  2. Ooooooh maybe I can come and buy my stuff back ... and MORE :):) Love a good bargain!

  3. P.S. The fish is from the Solomon Islands.

  4. Yes do come Fiona! It'll be a fun morning. And Jo you can come but you are banned from buying...I saw your bursting at the seams tiki bar full of monkey wood...even after my raid! xx

  5. Cool. I'll bring my boys for the Star Wars figures.

    I wondered what the big bowl was ... a fish. In the trunk it looked like it could be hung on the wall.

    What sort of mula should one bring? Will I need coins and notes - various denominations to help in terms of 'change issues'?

  6. Oh great, do come! I have a box of something for you to hand over. And bring small change Mmmc! Small change! xx

  7. fantastic, maybe I could come into the homeshow a little late on Sat...I'll try.

  8. Pity I'm so far away - this sounds like the place to be!

  9. I may see how I am faring by Saturday. That big quartered bowl just screams cocktail onions, cubed cheese and cabana. Where's that mumu?!

  10. Sounds fun, I would come along just to say hi! But sadly we have yet another drive around the back roads near Fernvale planned. Exciting times. Have a good day!

  11. I've been sent back by Solid Gold Dancer 2 & 3. They want pictures of Star Wars figures. They're not impressed by the monkey wood. (They'll learn).

  12. Oh you teaser! That would be so much fun and I could do with some warmer weather! sadly Tassie is too far away :(


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