Sunday, 2 September 2012

Paths and parrots

There will be some more renovating activity mid-next week when Mr D and Scotty return to build a roof over our new side stairs. They came on Saturday morning to do some prep work including cementing the metal stirrup for the post support.

Before they arrived Jason and the kids were busy clearing a new path and removed  a narrow garden bed that was against the Sow's Ear. It makes a lot more sense now to have a wider walkway on this side of the house.

walkway from side stairs. We will need to reinstate a new concrete path later down the track when money allows...

All the concrete that was removed from the path and Jason's father's day work boots

Jason loves his hi-vis.
Mr D, our builder, is not a fan of hi-vis, and is so appalled to see Jason wearing it voluntarily...
"What are you wearing that parrot gear for, man?"
A good question.


  1. At least you will always know where he is. He is not going to blend into the background any time soon.

  2. I feel quite defensive of Jason's right to wear hi-vis! I bet he loved his new work boots too!

  3. Oh that's funny, parrot wear. At least neon is in fashion at the moment and also, you will never lose him :)

  4. That's hilarious, my hubby wears his for work around the house also. Makes him feel more like a man of physical power or something. Must be the feeling of being opposite to the week at work in an office. Its all coming along nicely....


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