Sunday, 23 September 2012

Pineapple series: The Salad Bowl

It's back. Yes, the much neglected Pineapple Series, which makes you salivate, is back. I don't know for how long I can keep this up, as I've finally used my last tin of pineapple in the pantry...but I've been inspired, so perhaps you will see more...

Today's tasty recipe is from my Pineapple bible, Golden Circle Tropical Recipe book circa 1965. A simple little concoction that you can just throw together when you have a hankering for something more than just plain old salad.

It's called The Salad Bowl...with such a serious name, it is clearly THE one and only salad. It's on page 15 under 'Lunch in the tropics'.

The Salad Bowl.
I upped the colour saturation on this image. Tinned pineapples don't look as luminous as they did back in the day.

Jason was working his little heart out today on the boys' room renovation. I knew I had to pull out all stops for a wholesome lunch when I heard him cursing and cussing at the windows. So out came the Pineapple recipe book and my monkey wood serving ware to bring back the joy.

The Salad Bowl
15 oz can of Sliced Pineapple (in Syrup)
1 lettuce
1 cucumber
1 onion (optional)
250 grams tomatoes (I used grape tomatoes)
salad dressing

Drain pineapple slices and cut in halves. Wash and crisp lettuce, break into thumb-size pieces. Peel and cut cucumber into finger lengths (I used Lebanese cucumbers which I didn't peel) . Cut tomatoes in quarters. Slice onion finely. Wipe wooden salad bowl with warm olive oil then rub with cut clove of garlic (I didn't have garlic so I just oiled the bowl instead). At serving time arrange prepared vegetables in bowl. Toss and add dressing.

Jason tucking in to the salad.

Verdict: A tick of approval. Jason said that it was a nice, fresh meal for a warm Spring's day and was a good contrast to the pork spare ribs which it accompanied. He was much happier after the meal.

I must admit this dish is pretty much plain old salad with pineapple in it. But it is a recipe which totally justified the use of my timber monkey wood bowls I have accumulated recently. Win. It's also good to try something different to keep things interesting around here!

And in terrific news, it seems I am not the only blogger to be dabbling in the world of the Golden Circle Tropical Recipe book. You must check out these hilarious posts by Lucy Violet Vintage and Hung up on Retro.

Go on. Pineapples are en vogue.


  1. One must always use one's monkey wood! I like the look of the ribs too.
    There was something very luminous about all the cooking photography in those old recipe books!

  2. This salad looks very much like the salads my mum used to make back in the 70's. And yes pineapple was featured because it was exotic!

  3. Which granite did you use for your worktops?
    It looks almost identical to what I'd planned to use for mine (Kashmir Gold).

    I'd better hold on to the pineapple recipe. Autumn has started here with wind and rain. It's time for soup :(

  4. That looks like one fine meal. The ribs are making me hungry, and the salad looks pretty darn good too. Since Kylie's pie was described as looking like a soggy beetroot sandwich and Donna's gelatin salad as spew, I think your salad gets the only E for edible. :)

  5. I'm getting so much vicarious gratification from this pineapple series of yours, Anita, that I feel fulfilled without having to use pineapple in my own cooking At All. As you might imagine, there are howls of protest from my family.

  6. I spied a monkey wood free standing salad bowl recently in a thrift shop, didn't take a pic but I did think of you! This salad is an edible winner....keep the man fed I say! :)

  7. This salad looks really great and fresh! Definitely edible in comparison to Kylie and my woeful efforts. Love the wooden salad servers.xx

  8. An oldie but a goodie! you forgot the side of beetroot! Speaking of Golden Circle...have you been to the awesome factory outlet at Capalaba yet? If not I highly recommend it, they also have other brands, HEAPS cheaper.

    Can't wait to see the boys room,


  9. Well, at least pineapple is affordable, unlike tomatoes. I don't know about up where you are, but down here in tassie they start at about $10 per kilo! And that's for the unflavoured, bland ones. Daylight robbery.
    The salad does go perfectly with your timber serving ware :)

  10. Hooray for the pineapple! Restock that pantry I want to see more pineapply posts? Can't wait to see the boys room reveal.

  11. Growing up I only ever remember having the plantation and rainbow salads from this book (somehow I've inherited two copies of the book) well that and the jelly set in the pineapple slice can. mmmm.

    Might have to give this one a go, I do love the instructions about oiling the bowel.


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