Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Renovating a boy’s room and $500 Masters giveaway!

Sponsored by Nuffnang
We’ve had quite a few projects on the go at the Sow’s Ear. Most of it has been exterior work, outsourced to our builder Mr D. It’s been great to let Jason off-the-hook from the DIY, but the downside of that is our depleted bank account. Think dipping into the ‘Education Fund for the children’ thoughts...

Our next project for the house is to refurbish the two youngest boys’ room. It really needs to be freshened up in a big way and is the second last room in the house that requires attention. When we were approached by Nuffnang and Masters Home Improvements to see if we could write a ‘before and after’ using products from their store, we did a happy dance! Seriously, this could not be more perfect a match.

Masters have sent us some vouchers and have let us loose in their store. The timing is excellent as it means we don’t have to put off renovating the boys’ room. Hooray! And what is even better, they have given us $500 worth of vouchers to give away to a lucky reader!!! But more on that later…

So, the boys’ room is disgraceful. It really is. I’ve been told this won’t improve greatly as the boys mature….As a way to control the mess, it needs an injection of good storage and hanging solutions and the room requires TLC to be brought back from the tired to the terrific. With our youngest starting school next year, it is quite important that there is a semblance of order…

Here are some before photos of the room in question:

Brown louvered cupboards look crappy in a cream coloured room. You can’ tell me otherwise! 

This photograph of the room at its messiest best…home beautiful it is not!

Jason and I have already bought a number of products, the first thing being wash and wear paint to create the perfect blank canvas. We’ve also selected a number of shelving and hanging options to get most of the kid detritus off the floors! I’ll be ordering the final few items online just to see how well their online operation works and because I forgot to take measurements of the room before going to Masters.

Exploitative photograph of son #3 being wheeled around in Masters’ car trolleys…
kept him quiet for the hour that we were in store!

We’ll be working on the room over the next couple of weeks to get it looking schmicko for a room reveal. We’ve already decluttered some of the toys - there was just far too much. And if you've been following us on Instagram or Facebook, you would know that we've made a good start on the painting.

I hope we’ll be able to get the room done on time…the pressure is on.

While we’re under the pump renovating the room, we’re super-excited to give away a $500 Masters Gift Voucher for you to undertake your very own refurbishment project. Such a great prize!

All you have to do is go to Masters online, select your favourite products and leave a comment on this post on how you would use your selection to spruce up an indoor or outdoor space in your home. It is as simple as that.

Jason will short list the responses and Masters will select the overall winner from that list. (Hint: leave complimentary “you look hot Jason!” comments and you will be assured of a spot on the shortlist, because that’s just how he rolls)

Entries close on Tuesday 25 September midnight with the winner announced that week. Competition is open to Australian readers only.  If you leave an anonymous comment, please leave an email address with your comment so that we can contact you. Terms and Conditions HERE.

Good luck! We can’t wait to read what you would choose for your home. And stay tuned to see the new improved boys’ room!


  1. We would love a Finlay & Smith Super Pod Daybed (http://www.masters.com.au/product/900040185/finlay-smith-super-pod-daybed) to spruce up our outdoor area! We don't have any furniture out there at the moment and it looks like it's comfortable enough for the dogs to sleep on.

    Would then look at getting some more potters and plants to give the garden a bit more of a homey touch! :)

    Thanks for running the comp, good luck on the boys room!

    (lunadogslife at gmail dot com)

  2. Hi Brismod,
    We are in the process of finishing off our verandah that wraps around the font and side of the house and will need furnishing. I love the look of the Finlay Smith Milano Teak Outdoor Table and team it with the matching benches and some pillows will surely help.

  3. Our garden bench fell apart recently after many years and I really miss it so I would love to get a new one, like the lovely Finlay & Smith Teak Garden bench. To match their new cubby that their grandpa made them, I also love the kids adirondack chairs for my daughters - I can see them sitting out in front of the cubby on a summer day! I might have to buy an adult one and join them :)

  4. Cool giveaway! I would like to get the Bosch PCM 1800 SD Sliding Mitre Saw
    For the 'Jason' in my life! My DIY hubby could do with some power tool help and the saw would be a great start! Me I would go nuts in plant nursery, more cactus and succulents! :)

  5. We desperately need some extra paint, rollers and paint tape for my inside "paint the cabinet project" and of course what house is complete without a cubby with verandah for the little ones.
    Oh and I will make my hubby wear his Hi Vis while doing both jobs so he can look as hot and manly as Jason when he works. This counter acts his office hands.

  6. Oh my goodness boy #3 doesn't look old enough to be going to school next year. Bet he can't wait to join his brothers. If Jason reads your blog comments at all, he will know that I am a hard core fan - some might say a blog stalwart - and yes Jason you look hot, though I have to confess I'm not a huge fan of the hi-vis. Prefer the shirtless look. While browsing the Masters web site, I came across some things that would make the man of the house very happy. He's a bit of a hippie and has this dream of living a self sustaining life on our average suburban block: chickens, large vege patches, compost bins, all organically grown food etc etc. quite how he ended up with such a high maintenance wife who wants to fill our garden with English style box hedges, camelias and magnolias I'm not sure. So because I'm such a good wife, I'd let him spend that $500 on vegetable seedlings, compost bins, some mulch and manure. So Come on Jason, for the sake of marital harmony at the old girl, send that $500 our way ;-)

  7. I would probably go for a day bed of sorts, either the Finlay and Smith Riley Keroueng lounge/ outdoor daybed or the superpod daybed. Then I could have a recuperative lie down and sip juice while the Big Fella finally gets back to where we left off at Easter on that front patio. Oh and Jason could you throw in some of that very handsome and classy Hi Vis fashion for him? Sometimes he goes missing down the back after dark ...and it is mighty handsome workwear.

  8. PS. No body can have a styled multiple boys' room in real life!!! I have found things growing in my Boysworld and it's not always the boys!

  9. My garden is dull and boring,
    It’s lifeless and in great despair,
    Some new accessories would liven it up,
    And give it panache and flair!
    With the fabulous voucher from Masters
    I'd buy solar lights, candles, bug zapper,
    Garden tools to keep the area maintained,
    And keep the backyard looking dapper!

    PS. You look hot Jason ;)

  10. LOL, I dont think there is such a thing as a tidy kid, Ive heard explanations for this mess such as "floor drawer or floordrobe"

  11. For Antonio (a.k.a. Anth) my husband, I would choose a nail gun (coil 65 mm - whatever that means?!) Shoot 'em cowboy!
    And also, I'm going to tell you otherwise Brismod, I'm quite fond of those brown louvered cupboards. Just ditch the cream, I say.

    1. Hey Kylie, yes maybe I was harsh, I'd keep brown louvre doors if they were in a mid-century house...they just don't work so well in here! xx

  12. Can't wait for the reveal!

    I'd go for some of those charcoal blinds to get up the sticky beak neighbour's nose. It would drive her nuts to hear us but not see us.

    Jason, you're very hot. You can wear the hi-vis now if you promise us you'll lose the shirt when the weather heats up. Oh, and I fully support your crazy Peugeot idea. Set your missus straight on it the other day, I did.

    TDM xx

  13. What a great giveaway to host. I'm trying to pretty up outside, so a couple of Athena or Sicily urns would help. or the pizza oven for my husband. I also like the look of the Del Terra folding pot holder, but I'd use it for holiding outdoor games like bocce balls. And pretty much anything Finlay & Smith - so stylish!
    Have fun with it.
    Looking forward to some warmer weather - too hot to wear high vis in high summer.
    Cheers Kylie

  14. What a super giveaway..
    I have 2 boys and know all about the dilemma of trying to make their space personal and yet organised..Not easy..Good luck, (they only get messier as they get older).
    Loving the adirondacks and I wouldn't mind some power tools,
    just for me..xx

  15. What a fantastic and fun comp. My 1918 Queenslander has a 1984 spa bath in the lino and fibro sheeted bathroom that screams out to be bought back to some former glory. I would love to install the 200mm Rio round and 8 rose shower head along with the Sirdar Walltop assembly taps to replace the leaking hose rose that is held to the wall by a hairband.

  16. Hi
    Great giveaway ! We have our first home build going up & of coarse with 3 kids no budget for a garden (just weed & rubble at this stage). We would love the summit edging in bushland & Sicce 'happy pond kit' to try & bring some life into the yard..
    pick me, pick me !!! casadelmuir@hotmail.com

  17. Seeing your boys room was a bit of a flash back for me! We've been renovating for over 10yrs now, well...renovating & extending, & like you guys we are doing it all ourselves hence the time taken. I cannot wait to see the boys room finished. We are getting ready to renovate the ensuite, we are needing tap wear etc, so the Adero swivel basin mixers, Adero shower bath wall mixer, for me I like the look of the Cenntenial Hand Shower Kit & for hubby he would love something like Rotondo 200 all direction shower head, oh & a shower grate, would all be great additions. Now fingers crossed! Thanks for the opportunity. Jodi

    P.S. I'm new to blogging & would love for you to pop over to my blog & check out are reno.

  18. I sense there will be a cracker yard sale soon. It's a never ending battle culling kids toys isn't it?


  19. Great givaway! I'd love some of the Master's
    Del Terra Carnel Carver Chairs to replace the mouldy old chairs around our current outdoor table. The whole area would look so much better and perfectly timed for enjoying the warmer weather!
    x KL

  20. I hate my fridge/freezer. It is very thin and not very tall. The freezer part only has enough room to hold a few bags of frozen veggies and if I'm lucky, one of those tiny expensive cartons of ice cream. There is no cooking in bulk and freezing it for later so that on those (frequent) crazy nights when one kid is running around the house naked after a bath refusing to put her pants on and the other is cutting a tooth and screaming his lungs out, I don't have to worry about cooking dinner.

    Every time I look at my fridge I get cranky. I HATE it. Not because it is ugly. Just because it is obnoxiously small. As I said. I have been salivating over this baby http://www.masters.com.au/product/100170411/samsung-639l-french-door-fridge-srf639gdss. If one can salivate over a fridge that is. I know a $500 voucher wouldn't buy a fridge that would give me my cooking freedom, but by-golly, it sure would help. Damn fridge. I'm cranky just thinking about you.

  21. Wow, awesome giveaway!

    To start, I would buy the biggest sledge hammer Masters has in stock so I could break up the massive concrete slabs out the back of our house.

    Between the concrete and the 6 giant-sized cocos palms the previous owners planted, it's hardly an entertainers delight. But I have BIG plans for that space - and it all starts with breaking up that damned concrete.

    Decking would follow, along with a couple of blue adirondack chairs, a Cantilever umbrella, some new shrubs in the garden and a Dr Harry flat-roof kennel for the pup.

    Oh, and Jason, you look hot today. Like a sunrise!!

  22. My boys room needs some loving at the moment too...lego and blocks strewn everywhere but in my effort not to curb creativity I let it slide mostly. Ahhh sigh :)

    As for my favourite product from Masters, it would have to be Sunflower Seeds. I have been dreaming of them lately...a whole field of them with their smiling, beaming, sunshiny faces. And then I'd grow the size of my existing kitchen garden with beautiful organic soils, fruit trees, seedlings, sleepers, terracotta pots. I love being able to grow my own produce for my family and friends and think this would be a great help!! Lunch at ours afterwards???

  23. What a Fantastic giveaway. If I was the lucky winner I would probably get all I could afford from the paint accessory section. My husband started painting the house 12 months ago and stopped probably 10 months ago. Its half white and half brown, seriously makes me want to cry every time I drive up the street.Its not that he is lazy he is just so busy with everything else that the painting has been left..sigh.This might be just what I need to get him going again.

  24. I can't wait to see how you organise the boys' room/s. I am always redoing mine, but they didn't like the last new quilt covers last time and went back to the old "surfy" ones. So what to do? I will wait for your new boys' room revamp and I will take notes from it I think. Mx

  25. Derwent spotlight in my hallway, stop me from tripping and skedaddling the poor old cat when I come late at night! I just sooooo love that antique look! What a great store Masters is! PS. Yes, the brown louvred cupboard doors are daggy!!!!

  26. I would love to get new outdoor furniture, we are having family from overseas coming to visit over Christmas. I love teh Panthera Rectangle Extension Outdoor Table 180-240 x 100cm
    with matching chairs. Would be grat to win
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  27. How good is the Masters website?! I love a site that has "recently viewed items".

    My choice, having a freshly painted weatherboard house, and *fingers crossed* a brand new verandah would be something to furnish said verandah. Like this pod daybed. It shall be my retreat. Once I kick the kids out of it!


  28. If you could see the disaster my husband has created by demolishing our backyard, you would understand why I really need everything Masters has to offer. And since we will probably spend all our reno budget on fixing the pool, removing asbestos and laying concrete, I'd have to say I'd spend the money on the Red Centre Premier 4 Burner Stainless Steel Hooded and Cabinet BBQ. Who doesn't want a spectacular barbie?!?

  29. Anything from the bathroom section would be great for Betsy as there is nothing left in the budget for her waterworks poor old girl. The prelude taps would do, 2 sets and a plumworx spout and maybe even the Finlay and Smith heated towel rail. Maybe even a little left to get Jason some hi - viz pants so he can get back to the real business of ditching his shirts. mel x

  30. The only person hotter than Jason is my husband :D

    As for what I would buy, that is easy, with two kids on the autism spectrum who love to swing, this chair would be perfect http://www.masters.com.au/product/900010390/kid-s-swinging-chair

  31. I would go crazy with the laundry organisation! I don't actually have a laundry, just a bit atbthe end of the garage, I hateit, but I think Master's has some really cool stuff that would makeit look heaps better and make doing the laundry semi bearable!
    Nb. I'm sure yu look hot Jason, but I am married!!!

  32. Fabulous giveaway!! I love the masters website and choosing was difficult.

    I think I'd be kind and generous and choose something for my husband.

    We're in the process of moving and then building a new house. In this new house, he is looking forward to creating his very own "Man Land".

    Being that he's a pom, I think the Union Jack Flag Car Canvas, would be perfect for his cave.


  33. Cool giveaway!
    I’m doing a big backyard renovation to a mid-century-ish home and every now and again I check in here to see the storming progress you guys are making and it keeps me motivated.
    Even though I’m sitting at a desk most of the week I don’t let lack of experience or skill get in the way of having a crack. Sometimes the only problem is lack of tools and cost of materials. That’s why I’d love to go nuts in the timber and tool dept of Masters and get kitted up so I can build my own little A-framed hammock hut overlooking the new pool that would complete our backyard reno. You know the classic Polynesian-pop inspired, mid-century, tiki hut with thatched roof and glowing fish float lights hanging from the cantilevered centre rafter. It would definitely make for a good before/after as there’s just builders rubble and weeds there now.
    I’m not in the business of telling other blokes they’re hot or not so I’m not going there, but great job on the cubby house Jason.
    Tim - darksunnies @ gmail dot com

  34. We are hopping to do up our hideous old bathroom (with missing tiles). We'd love to spruce it up with some colour. These tiles are gorgeous and would match the retro tiles on the floor.

    Aquarelli Rosso Vermiglio 14 x 30cm

  35. Will be extending our patio area to make way for future entertaining and would love to furnish it with an outdoor table and chairs. In all the 30 years we've lived here... and would you believe, we have never had an outdoor table & chairs, ever!

    Jason, you look so COOL driving the Masters' car trolley... next time give me a ride, eh? *slaps Hi-5*

  36. Hi - Thanks for running such a great competition!!! We are practically neighbors renovating a Queenslander at Woolloongabba and I have been following your blog for some time! There is so much we would love to be able to buy at Masters for our reno - which is costing us much much more than we budgeted for (i can hear my hubby saying "I told you so") but if I could choose 1 thing it would be this cubby house http://www.masters.com.au/product/900016135/action-cubby-house-with-patio I absolutely love your cubby house and would LOVE to create something similar for Hudson our little boy who has too much energy :-) anyhow I hope you pick me and I can do you proud...

    ps: "you look hot Jason"

  37. My wish would come true
    And a room would be complete
    Shannon would be thrilled
    To have a room thats neat
    Ever Grateful
    Really thankful

    anonymous inipbrown@optusnet.com.au

  38. This is probably going to sound quite boring, but I'd buy a door. The Windsor 10 light joinery door, or the Corinthian to put in my yet to be built studio/sewing room. I'd also get all the door furniture and some paint.
    And if there was anything left over, I'd get some timber to make a table top so i could set up my sewing machine and overlocker.
    See Brismod... told you I was a bit boring. Practical but boring

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Oh my word, I have had a look at the website and I could buy a million things for this house. A whipersniper would be brilliant, as would one of their small drawer dishwashers. Where do I end?
    Crossing my everything to win this baby!!

  41. Well I'm going to say it, we need a new toilet suite. I could only find one on the website which is a bit modern for our old dame but I know there is a much bigger selection in store. We also need a little basin, as the previous owners fitted her out in a fantastic plastic toilet and basin. We would also need paint and little hangy thing for the toilet roll. Love your blog it's awesome sauce.

  42. With long-term plans for a major renovation of the back of our 1976 house, I would love to do mini-makeover of our bedroom and ensuite.

    If the kids use our shower they have to run in circles to get wet! A new shower head would be lovely.http://www.masters.com.au/product/900009038/showertherapy-scatola-200-shower-head

    Will the hi-vis get as much wear in the summer humidity?


  43. We have just renovated, and I would love to get some pieces from the Finlay & Smith Super Pod series to make the new deck on our old Queenslander as beautiful as it can be. I have been stalking this blog for a long time & this great competition has motivated me to finally post! Thank you!

  44. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the comp! It's fabulous!

    We purchased our 1950s house in Brisbane 2 years ago in October but unfortunately haven't had a chance to sink our teeth into any DIY/renovations nor had the chance to wear some super sexy hi vis!

    I am totally obsessed with wallpaper at the moment! To that end I would splurge on the divine Laura Ashley Tatton Duck Egg Wallpaper.

    Although it would probably be more responsible to slap on a neutral coloured paint I am dying to brighten up our entry with this beauty!

    Thanks again!

  45. Well I must say Jason does look great in HiVis........And I am really, REALLY pleased it is summer and we can see hot weather work going on; wink, wink, wink :)

    Now the Masters task.......Almost a little too hard to choose!

    I started off with “Diva 1965/11 Rug Stripe 240 x 340cm” for the family room...but then I got distracted by “Dr Harry Chicken Coop With Run”...I really miss having chooks :)

    However I then thought of the formal dining room and the bulb in the ceiling that has been waiting for a light fixture for over 10 years and came up with the “Melia 5 Light Ceiling Fitting”.......but then I got distracted by Freedom Glass Safety Glass Pool Fence Panels 120cmx120cm...the deck railing is rotting and glass fencing would look so nice......

    Well then I got onto plastic storage options and then plastic kitchenware and I was lost in a sea of “I want I want I want.........” it is too hard to choose, I want it all!

  46. Well I must say Jason does look great in HiVis........And I am really, REALLY pleased it is summer and we can see hot weather work going on; wink, wink, wink :)

    Now the Masters task.......Almost a little too hard to choose!

    I started off with “Diva 1965/11 Rug Stripe 240 x 340cm” for the family room...but then I got distracted by “Dr Harry Chicken Coop With Run”...I really miss having chooks :)

    However I then thought of the formal dining room and the bulb in the ceiling that has been waiting for a light fixture for over 10 years and came up with the “Melia 5 Light Ceiling Fitting”.......but then I got distracted by Freedom Glass Safety Glass Pool Fence Panels 120cmx120cm...the deck railing is rotting and glass fencing would look so nice......

    Well then I got onto plastic storage options and then plastic kitchenware and I was lost in a sea of “I want I want I want.........” it is too hard to choose, I want it all!

  47. Oh we would love an outdoor setting, desperate since spring is here.

  48. I would love to put a roof on my pergola which was half started a few years ago, would love to be able to sit outside and be protected from the rain and the sun, Oh what bliss! thanks Kaye xx. My email is khbuchan@optusnet.com

  49. Since having the painting done, I'm really starting to notice how cruddy looking the bathroom tapware is. The Phoenix Prelude series looks nice and "classic" enough to suit the ?80's bathroom.

    Some Jasper garden edging to keep that front garden bed under protection from the attack of the ever invading grass.

    Oh and a brass screw to replace the one that "leapt" out of the French door handles when I was polishing the handles and you know had loosened the screws slightly to clean them as well...

    That would be great thanks Masters.

  50. Wow great prize. I haven't been to Masters yet so it would have to be an all day affair. If I could get out of the outdoor section I would be very tempted to put a deposit on the Fisher and Paykel 90cm oven- love it!

  51. What a great comp! I love the Masters website, it's awesome to be able to see the product range from home! Hours of daydreaming fun :)

    I would buy a Santorini 2-seater wicker lounge, I love the storage drawers, maybe I could tell my hubby that is where I keep the weeding tools and really that's where my stash of hazelnut chocolate and cooking mags would be??? I need to find a new hiding place, I have no idea what prompted him to open the 'prune' jar but busted! Even my cooking chocolate isn't safe :-) Lucky I've got a great chocolate cake recipe which only needs cocoa!

    I would definitely also have to get a couple of the adirondack chairs for the kids, how cute are the lime and aqua! And a fan for the patio, and maybe some new fairy lights and... see why my husband doesn't like me going to Masters ;-) I come home with everything... including the kitchen sink!

    PS. Jason, you look hot!

  52. I love the Action Cubby House With Patio, perfect for my little one to explore and play in while I tend to the garden, with help from a handsome, talanted and sweet husband similar to Jason to put it together this would be the masterpiece in any yard.

  53. Hi!
    I hope I win this comp!
    I love reading your blog as we are Brisbane renovators also. We've just done a big inside Reno which has left outside looking very neglected.
    First on the list from masters would be the Swimsafe Titan automatic pool cleaner. We have an 8 month old and can't wait for her to have her first summer in the pool but right now it's green!!!
    Would also love to get a Delterra aluminium crank umbrella to keep the little one in the shade!
    Can't wait to go shopping!!!

  54. Our laundry really needs some attention. The door is falling apart, so I'd love to replace it with this...
    With the rest, I'd pick up some paint and get rid of the horrible bottle green on the walls. If there were anything left, I'd splurge on a little chandelier, just to make doing the laundry feel a little more glamourous.

  55. Woo. Lots of comments. Still catching up on reading here.

    I'm glad you've got a bit of Masterful assistance so you can do the boys' room. As for getting tidier - we've hit 20 now and things are only getting worse! We virtually need a hazmat suit to enter the Pimperella Zone. Threats, bribes, soft words, harsh words - nothing helps. I try not to go in there except when there's no clean crockery in the house and I have to go and rescue it from under her bed.

    And poor Jason's bruises! Arnica sort of helps, but if they were my bruises I'd be hanging onto them for all the sympathy I could get. I suspect he's not like that though.



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