Thursday, 13 September 2012

Some Ipswich finds and a vote for Rough Linen

I'm still banging on about how great Ipswich is...and I know that some of you have been sneaking out there to see what I've been raving about. Good on you!

Anyway, here are a couple of the treasures I found.

The first is another Japanese dolls head to put in a bowl. I know...I know...heads in a bowl is kooky but it gives my evil dark heart joy! It is from Kerrie's store ES Traders which is tucked away in Ellensborough Street.

two heads are better than one. 

The other little find was from The Vintage Advantage in Brisbane Street. That place is dangerous if you are into vintage bric a brac. I found a smoky art glass vase which spoke to me. I love its simple, yet elegant shape. It looks a bit like Whitefriars but it's not...just some old no name thing, which is still nice in my book.

smoky art glass vase

Also, on a completely different tangent I'd like to give a big shout out to fellow blogger Tricia Rose who is the mastermind behind Rough Linen, which is the most exquisite bedding made from natural linen. I covet Tricia's range of linens because of its beautiful quality and its pure simplicity - two essentials when making one's house a home.

Tricia is a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made awards and is drumming up votes to win or at least get a respectable second or third! There were 2000 entrants and she was thrilled to be in the last 100. If you know Tricia or would like to know Tricia, make sure you vote HERE!
If you pop over to Rough Linen you can look at her beautiful range of linens. I love her video footage of how to make a bed, but Tricia and Felix stuffing a duvet cover is my absolute favourite. I could listen to their lovely accents all day long and then dive into the bed they just made! Bliss.


  1. Hello Anita:
    Your smoky glass vase is lovely. We have no idea how people like you seem to be able to snap up such wonderful things for a song whereas we never seem to be in the right place at the right time to gather up such goodies. You must have a 'homing' antenna for all things beautiful and inexpensive.

  2. Thank you so much Anita - it took me a long time to teach my son to make a bed didn't it!

  3. The little Japanese dolls brought back memories. I bought some that looked very much like those for my daughter when she was young, and she loved them.

    Your bowls and vases are simply beautiful.

  4. I might play this video around here a little bit for a tutorial! lol. It all looks gorgeous! Mxx

  5. That Tricia Rose does have a lovely accent and lovely linens. Her son's a bit of a spunk too. On that basis alone, I voted for her! I hope I can help my sons make their beds when they're that age. I also like the way he's interested in pillow arrangement.


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