Thursday, 25 August 2011

House Fire

Most mornings, Jason curses the smoke alarm which pierces our ear drums when we make toast for breakfast.

The smoke alarm is highly sensitive, despite the fact our toast is barely browned. Jason threatens to rip it out and stamp on it. Thankfully, it is electrically wired into the kitchen ceiling or else it would've been tossed out for sure.

But we do know smoke alarms can save lives. At our last home, before the Sow's Ear, we heard our neighbour's smoke alarm in the middle of the night and smelt smoke. We called the fire brigade.

Our neighbour had fallen asleep (i.e drunken stupor) while making a late-night snack on the stove. His home had filled up with thick black smoke and his deep-fried chips were about to burst into flames. I have no doubt in my mind that his smoke alarm saved him from a fiery death.

I've told Jason to stop cursing our smoke alarm after the tragic house fire in Slacks Creek (read story here) in the early hours of yesterday morning. The fire took the lives of 11 people from the same family, eight of those family members were children. It is one of the worst fires in Queensland for over a decade.

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I read about the fire when it hit the news thinking how it was so tragic.

The tragedy became more poignant when we realised who the family was. Jason used to worked with and is good friends with relatives of the family - a very kind, loving Polynesian family who should never have to face something as tragic as this.

A foundation has been set up to help the family. If anyone would like to help, the details are below. Please pass on the information.

The Lale Foundation 
Rostron Carlyle Solicitors would like to invite people to forward donations to the Foundation to assist the families so greatly affected by the recent tragic house fire in Logan with expenses associated with the funerals of their loved ones.

BSB: 034001
Account: 105467
Name: Lale Foundation


  1. Good on you for posting this. It's such a senseless and tragic loss of life.

  2. Yes so tragic and how amazing that Jason knew them.

    Very very sad.


  3. It is just so terribly sad. Thank you for the information regarding the foundation. Again, a tragic reminder of how the things that we find midly annoying are absolute life savers. Fire alarms. Seat belts. Tempering valves.

  4. Our rented house went on fire last year (4 year old boy was playing with matches), no one was hurt and just the upstairs was burnt somewhat but it is scary how quickly they can take hold.
    got a shock when I saw the title - thought for a second it was your Sow's Ear!
    Glad no one was hurt in your neighbour's house, unbelievably tragic what happened to the other family - terrible.

  5. It is just so so sad words can't do the horror of it justice can they ? Thank you for posting this link. The world is indeed a small place. Xx

  6. I saw the grieving family on the news this evening. It was really heartbreaking. I was really moved by the sense if community. Hard times ahead for the survivors. My heart goes out to them.

  7. What a nice gesture this post. I read about it in the news and feel so sorry for them all. How tragic. And like you, we do have an overly sensitive smoke alarm. Goes off every time we cook. At least we know it's working.

  8. That was very sad, and will be for a long time.

    But there for the Grace of God.

  9. This is such a tragedy. A reminder of what's important (and it's often not the random bleating of the smoke alarm).

  10. It is such a terrible tragedy. I can't begin to imagine the grief this family is feeling right now. So very sad.

  11. Absolutely heartbreaking. Thank you for the details of the foundation. KP

  12. Such a sad loss of life. Thoughts and prayers to the family, friends and community of those who were lost.

  13. This was indeed a very sad day for so many people. I'm really sorry to hear that you knew some of the family members, Jason and Anita. My sympathies go out to all members of this tight and loving community.

    I will retweet this post. Thanks for the info.

    Best wishes,

  14. An awful reminder how quick families can be completely torn apart. I din't hear about it until I read your post, no tv on the boat.
    Sarah x

  15. We hate the interference of noisy fire alarms but as you said in this post, they save lives, a fact not to be taken lightly when we live in such combustible houses. Such a sad time of tragedy for that lovely heart goes out to them.

  16. Oh god how awful. This is such sad news. What a good reminder to us all Anita.


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