Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Just a smidgen...

...left to paint on the Sow's Ear.

One last dab.

So close, yet still so high up.

Exterior of a Queenslander house being painted

And guess who's back?

Shirtless Jason painting the carport
Yes, Shirtless Jason.

There is a function on the statics which can tell me the key words which people use when they stumble on this blog. I had a quick look and noticed 'shirtless builder apartment' was appearing as an image search.

Intrigued, off I went to investigate. Look here.

I've never laughed so much. Jason makes page five! You have to scroll through some major beefcake to find him after you type in the key words. And then you are rewarded with the Fun and VJs' version of beefcake. Hilarious. It's sexploitation in the suburbs!

We anticipate the blog's statistics to sky-rocket over the summer months...according to Jason.

The carport facade is painted now. We still need to the paint underneath parts.
This shot was taken yesterday


  1. it's looking so so good. you must be so pleased. I'll have to find a buff shirtless man to help next time we do something outside - and blog about it!!! sadly mr w. is not so buff these days - you know - 21yrs of marraige and 3 kids will do that to a man!!!
    cheryl xox.

  2. Oh Cheryl. You need a pool boy. xx

  3. This is such a cliffhanger...

    I did tell you I did it from Above, didn't I? Lying on the sloping roof, trying not to roll. Of course I don't have dependents.

  4. Looking good.... the house and the husband. A-M xx

  5. So great. You'll have to take out some insurance on Jason. His torso could be worth millions with all this exposure :)

  6. Is it too late to rename the blog from Fun & VJs to Shirtless?

    Viewers worldwide seeking further macho painting action will soon be peering at the photos for tiny spots he might have missed.

  7. Oh Brismod that is so funny about the shirtless Jason stuff - fame at last!
    Painting is looking pretty good too!

  8. All looking good, house, hubby and fame!
    x KL

  9. About time we had some shirtless action. I am a little concerned about how Jason is going to maintain his profile when there is nothing left to paint? The sow is looking superb, the carport looks schmicko with its black trim. melx

  10. Congratulations Brismod!
    You've won the baby feather Juju!
    I'll contact you soon to get it to you.

    Sarah - Squeezed Daily.

    P.s Maybe your shirtless pic of Jason tipped it in your favour...you can let him believe it was Lol!

  11. Phew, I was wondering about the carport. Now we just need a shot of the front like the one in your header so we can do a real before and after take. It is fantastic and well done Jason!!!! I can't see Ben doing the shirtless thang... so shy... ;-)

  12. How inspirational! We still can't agree on a colour. The big fella is wanting something light grey and I am conflicted and about to cause and accident as I drive slowly past people's houses with a sleeping toddler.

  13. Miss Silk purse

    You must deliver an ebook - how to keep a shirtless husband so hunky?
    Perhaps in 10 easy steps :)

    Looking lovely though all the finished places and doesn't the white glisten!

    have a wonderful day

    x loulou

  14. You know I only read your blog for the house renos...really, really I do....what's that, I read your blog for shirtless Jason? No....:)

  15. the house is looking fabbo !! and the shirtless thing is too funny .... my sister in law did a search on lolly snakes and found a pic of MIC with a real life childrens python ... hee hee le xox

  16. Oh gosh what a difference a lick of paint makes!

    We too have been cursed with bottle green paint and I just can't wait to paint over it.


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