Monday, 13 August 2012

Somebody stole our side stairs

The work has begun on our side stairs. The old rickety steps were removed today to make way for something safer.

The number of times I would catch Son #3 dangling in between the gaps of the horizontal railings was enough to prematurely grey me.

Missing stairs
Mr D, the builder, is back with his trusty side-kick Scotty. They got through a lot of work today and hope to have the new stairs built in the next couple of days.

dressing the hardwood timber 

Real architects, avert your eyes. Jason's been designing. I know. Don't judge us.

rough sketches of the sunroom side of the Sow's Ear

The plan is to kick out the sunroom roof to make the new stairs a little more weatherproof, so we can access the downstairs laundry without receiving a drenching. That will be the second stage of the building process of the stairs.

So, lots happening here at the Sow's Ear. Stay tuned!


  1. Am looking forward to seeing your new stairs.

  2. We've had stairs like that for years held together with spit and paint waiting for the big Reno. Ours have become quite sculptural? Can't wait to see your newbies!

  3. A covered roof will definitely extend the life of your new stairs. I actually met a builder on-site today, as our (uncovered) stairs and handrails are about to collapse due to water damage. We're going for a quick-fix at this stage. xx

  4. Hello:
    A very nifty idea to have the side staircase covered. That will surely extend the life of the stairs as well as providing an all-weather connection. Brilliant!

  5. Have you heard of the Winchester House Anita? Your boys would love it!

  6. A big job but worth it.
    Great idea to cover the laundry access.
    Tania xx

  7. Jason the new Design Star!

  8. Does Jason's talent know no bounds? Oh that's right, yes it does, I remember him failing at choosing a reliable car. Oh well, one small glitch on a great resume :) he he he
    The stairs are going to look fab and I like the idea of covering them. x

  9. Sounds like a big job. Good luck! Xx

  10. Hey those sketches aren't bad...


  11. Very sensible stair coverage designs. Architects are not always sensible. Good to see some hard work going on over there. melx

  12. That is a good sketch planning. Every outstanding designs and architecture always comes with planning.

  13. I used an architect once and ended up designing the extension myself and paying the architect a small fortune for not doing much at all, so Jason is on the money.

    I'm keen to see the new stairs.

  14. Doesn't the house look funny without the stairs? x


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