Thursday, 24 January 2013

Big clean up

We've accumulated a lot of stuff over the past few years - furniture, building materials, op-shop crap that I've bought, kids' toys and rubbish that won't fit in the wheelie bin.

This long Australia Day weekend we are going to do a major clean-up to take advantage of the Council's hard rubbish collection which happens in our area next week. It's a great opportunity for us to declutter and to get things in order, especially under the house which looks like a hoarder's paradise.

Jason can't wait...can't wait to throw my hoarding ways back in my face more like it.  He is generally very cranky when we declutter, so I have to make sure there is plenty of wine and red meat to soothe the savage beast.

We are also going to list a few things for sale either online or on the Weekend Shopper. We have a couple of hopscotch windows we no longer require and a few single pane casement windows that can go to a new home. If you are renovating and are in the market for some windows, just shoot me an email.

hardwood timber gates
We've got about five of theses windows left...I think
Our old kitchen...but the hopscotch windows in this shot will be up for sale. 
The other day I sold some timber gates which Jason was going to scrap. It seems a waste to throw perfectly good gates out, so I put them online to sell and they sold within a few days. We priced them just to get rid of them as they were of no value to us sitting in our yard.

See, just because you think it's trash doesn't mean that it is...the best form of recycling n my book.


  1. Feel free to send some of your MC treasures my way! Declutter your collection! xx

  2. nice one - love a good clean up ... I have never heard those windows called hopscotch - cute ! le xox

  3. Absolutely! I love a good clean up - have fun and I hope Jason doesn't get too moody ;)
    Cas x

  4. Have you tried Gumtree? We sold heaps through this site.
    Good luck with the decluttering

  5. I've been giving away things left and right for days now. My contractor loves me, because as he was tearing out materials that he was going to have to haul away (and pay a fee at the dump), I was listing them on Craigslist and giving them away free. You wouldn't believe all the stuff people have hauled away.

    I love the wine and red meat line. I think that might make me less cranky right now too. :)

  6. I am no good at throwing things out, I feel uncomfortable just reading this. Yes, I think I have a problem. Mum has told my sister and I we have to go through all our old stuff stored in their garage before the end of March. I just hate the thought of it!

  7. sounds like a great plan, I need a good clean out myself!

  8. Best make room for your own hard rubbish finds! Always an opportunity... Our council has abandoned the suburb wide pick up week and is trialling individual pick ups. Dull.

  9. Well done with your sales and cleanout. We are getting rid of buckets on gumtree, astounding really what we have been able to sell. Just sold two of Liongirl's brand name toddler clothes for $100 to some lunatic on ebay. I think I must have paid about $30 for them back a few years. The highlight has been selling a leadlight door pulled out of our neighbours skip a few years back for $350! mel x

  10. I need to figure out how to use Gumtree. It would have been easier than going back to work.
    My husband gets positively cheerful at council collection as he can remedy my collecting tendencies. I have to hide some things though or retrieve it and stash it for later. So complicated to be a trash trader.

  11. It's amazing how much of our 'junk' is exactly what someone else wants!! Especially when you get paid for it-but even when you don't, you don't have to worry about getting rid of it, transporting it, getting it to the tip.

    Hope you are dry! It's crazy here!

  12. One mans junk is another mans treasure. :)


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