Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sneak peek inside 1943 Queensland cottage

It's fascinating to visit other people's homes, particularly homes which are as well-loved such as the one I visited a little while ago.

The house is a circa 1943 timber and tin weatherboard cottage which is set high upon a hill in Brisbane's inner west. It is owned by a jet-setting couple who spend many weeks out of the year travelling the globe for work and pleasure.

Between trips the couple have completed a fairly extensive renovation to undo the sins of past renovations and to maximise the spectacular views afforded by this stunning home. The front of the home has been opened up and has been turned into a sunroom of sorts. Custom built windows were installed to capture the views out towards Mt Nebo.

In this new section of the home a modern look which references the Queenslander vernacular was achieved with the use of coloured glass mimicking louvre windows.

It's a clever take on a traditional design feature as the windows are also engineered to block out the heavy traffic noise from the busy road below. Throughout the day, the play of light changes subtly in this front entry to create a warm and beautiful place to sit and enjoy the verdant outlook.

The different coloured glass is encased inside two panes of glass to form  one large single pane for these casement windows.

One thing that strikes you as you walk around the home is the amount of colour and pattern which abounds in this home. The owners are unafraid to punctuate their home with colour - yellow was chosen for the main living and dining rooms and suits the sensiblities of the artistic owners.

Beautiful exotic floral Jatana cement floor tiles (made in Byron Bay) were used as an accent in the main bathroom. It is so refreshing to see a bathroom bucking the clinical trend which is so prevalent in bathroom renovations today. It is unique yet entirely appropriate for this style of home.

Found objects, thrift finds, inherited pieces and souvenirs from travelling expeditions can all be found in this tastefully curated home. The pottery, art glass and ethnic textiles add another layer to make this a warm home.

West German pottery vessels found in an op-shop

Tribal harvest mask takes pride of place in the kitchen
 I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of a lovely Queensland style home. Long live colour and pattern!

Blue painted exterior with delicious timber porthole windows


  1. I love that house. Such a different vibe from all the houses we see in magazines and online. Also loving the cement tiles. I am a little obsessed with cement tile lately. We are planning a sunroom addition in florida and I am planing to use them in a big bright pattern.

  2. What a vibrant, beautiful home! I can't stop looking at the beautiful windows and doors.

  3. I love the coloured glass around the doorway and the Encaustics of course! Oh and those timber portholes.

  4. So beautiful! Ann is a wonderful customer of ours and it is a treat to see the house finally. Amazing work!

  5. There's a lot to love about that house. The tiles are beautiful.
    I think you were just down the road from me!

  6. So great to see cement tile love !
    We'd be happy to give any of you a quote for cement tiles. Ck Villa Lagoon Tile and let us know what patterns and color you are interested in.
    And we agree this is a happy, sun shine filled home. My kind of house :o)


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