Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Fun and VJs Theme song

Earlier this evening, Jason and I were discussing that we need a theme song. We don't really have one. Our wedding was on the small side; and there was no bridal waltz to demonstrate our waltzing ineptness. So it means we have no 'official' song.

We were going through our limited song repertoire and all we could come up with was this:

Just disregard the fact it's about a a boy trying to buy some préservatifs (that's French for tarping up).

Get it? House of fun...Fun and know, madness...because renovating drives you mad...get it?  No?

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  1. Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt?

  2. LOVE Madness! Reminds me of year 12 & being in love with a boy who had a flat top hair cut, Doc Martnes & wore Fred Perry shirts like Scuggs from Madness. Timeless song!
    Our house it has a crowd
    There's always something happening & it's usually quite loud.
    Our mum she's so house proud
    Nothing ever slows her down & a mess is not allowed

  3. I like to try and channel 'Our House' as sung by Crosby Stills & Nash when I'm working on the house, but this is much more suited to the realities of renovating!

  4. No watlzt or official song here Dont think hubby cares. I love country he loves ACDC what could we agree on?lol

  5. Ha, ha! Too funny. You realize it will be stuck in everyones head from now on, the words are so good and so suitable. But this should be your daytime song, you need an after dark song and I think something 60's voodoo, hip and swingin is in order maybe some dean Martin ....cha cha cha d'amour or Bobby Darin. I look forward to fun and v'j's the album...available on vinyl of course.

  6. Oh, God, yes I 'get it!'. Hillarious! I wanna see the vlog for this one!!! Ha!
    x KL

  7. and "tarping up" would be? Ah, I get it. Colorful.

  8. I know Why S? I didn't want to get spammed by using the "real word".xx

  9. I now have that song stuck in my head, so I can't say that I don't like it.


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