Saturday, 1 October 2011

Breaking news: Jason did not paint today

I know. Earth-shattering news. Paint commodities around the world will slump after this broadcast. Jettison your holdings now before it's too late and before the market closes. I pity all my self-funded retiree readers - the panic selling will hit them hard.

Yes, Jason is still alive. We believe he may have developed a painting neurosis. It can happen, you know, after a year painting the blasted little piggy Sow's Ear. He couldn't even take the plastic wrap off his new extension ladder, mumbled something about "can't face it today"  and has been sleeping and napping all day.

We've lit some candles (as we have many) and have been standing vigil, hoping he makes a full recovery. The Sow's Ear must be finished.

And in other news, I had to drop Son #2 to a birthday party this morning in South Brisbane and took the opportunity to go to Brisbane Open House (where a number of public and private buildings were opened to the public).

I only had a small window of time and decided to go the Queensland Maritime Museum which opened its doors for free. It's a great little treasure trove of information about our state's maritime history.

Here are a few photos from my visit:

image of the old light house tower on the Brisbane River. It no longer operates but it was apparently opened up to the public for the first time today

This 1909 tower is an example of the type of construction  unique to Qld.
It was transported to this site from  Bulwer Island near the mouth of the Brisbane River.

This is inside the tower. I didn't see it at first..I felt like someone was watching me.
Man, did it scare the sweet bejesus out of me when I looked up.

Life buoy from the Cherry Venture ship wreck


  1. With more paint left for the rest of us, maybe a few of my neighbors will finally be able to touch up their tired exteriors.

  2. I am so happy to hear that Jason had a day off. I hope he enjoyed his non-painting day and made up for it by doing the ironing!

    Best wishes,

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  4. Sounds like a lovely day was had by all...Did you take Jasons temperature, I think he might be coming down with regular humanitis, now this is never good for a machine like him!!!

  5. My thoughts are with you during this challenging time while the Sow's ear awaits completion and Zoila turns over in her grave. At least we can reassure her that the Tuscan peach is all gone, can't we? Does he have massive ladder fear do you think? Reassure him, it is all ok, Legoman did it wielding a chainsaw no less. melx

  6. Poor Jason. I think he needs a new pineapple creation to revive him.

  7. How lucky that they had the lighthouse open, that dummy would have given me a fright too!

  8. Poor Jason. He's such a trooper as I really can't believe that he lasted 12 months without stopping. I'm glad he had a break. Sounds like you had a nice day too. x

  9. Hello miss silk purse

    Oh no!

    I have the number of a great after hours doctor...
    They may be able to help Jason (or the stock market)

    now lets get a séance going and chant...

    get jason... out on... ladder again

    repeat.... over and over...

    have a wonderful day



  10. I'm not surprised Jason's a bit exhausted. Doesn't a hearty steak pep him up?

    That's interesting that parts of the Maritime Museum isn't open to the public all the time ... it'd be a boon for tourism esp. now paint sales are down and will have a bearish impact on the economy.

  11. That's a good idea MMMC. Steak and pineapple perhaps? xx

  12. OH well - maybe my hubby will FINALLY get around to painting our house now that there is more paint available in the world. haha - loving your blog.

  13. I thought about you and your painting yesterday. The man is a saint, he deserves a day off! Painting is so monotonous.


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