Friday, 30 September 2011

The weekend ahead

My weekend ahead will include:

Reading about the lovely Julie from Olive & Joy whose stylish Gold Coast home was featured in October's Real Living Magazine. She kindly sent me a copy after I commented on her blog. Thanks a million Julie!

front cover of Real Living
 It appears that Julie has at least one Featherston chair in every room. Such great taste.

This must be where Julie blogs. Cool house!

Jason's weekend ahead will include:

Testing out his new 6.4 metre extension ladder - an early birthday present from his parents. It was delivered today and was the highlight of the morning (we have to get out more!).

I envisage a tin of paint and a paint brush will be the sum of his weekend.

Extension ladder
Oh and Mr Rooney, our intrepid builder, popped around this afternoon and critiqued my garage door painting. It was not positive. Hmpf!

I told him that I couldn't make wine out of water...actually I didn't...I just blamed Jason for the poor paint job because he did the final coat on those doors.

For those curious about our new candles, here is what they look like all lit up in the Danish candle holder.

Danish candle holder.
That's Jason there in the background. You won't recognise him because his clothes aren't splattered in paint and he looks like he's taking it easy.
And I hope all you Brisbane folk are going to Brisbane Open House tomorrow. I'm in South Brisbane in the morning, so I might check out what's on offer in that precinct. You can find all the details HERE.

Have a great weekend! 


  1. A Featherston in every room ..... oooooo!

  2. happy daze ... enjoy your weekend - love the whip thin candles ... best le xox

  3. Can't wait to see Jason on that ladder!

  4. Happy Birthday, Jason. Lucky you!

    You look great relaxing behind those beautiful candles.

    I'd love to do the Open House thing, but I have a slumber party to host.

  5. I'd completely forgotten about your candle hunt...glad you tracked some down, they remind me of my childhood helping out my dad. Happy Birthday Jason.xx Katherine


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