Wednesday, 21 September 2011


It's been cruisey around here during the holidays. It's great!

I sent Son #1 to a cooking class organised by Ilve. Our oven is an Ilve and we are sent emails periodically about cooking sessions using their products. The sessions are excellent and very well-run.

Anyway they had a teenage cooking course for 10 to 16 year olds. I sent along the nine year old hoping they wouldn't check for ID ( he's 10 soon though).

He loved it. We've got a fridge full of cookie dough ready to be baked. He also made pikelets and piroshki. Others in the class made marinade for chicken, quesadillas and apple shortcake. Yum!

It was a really good experience without me having to clean up after it all!

And I'm testing out mobile blogging, so hopefully this post will turn out ok...


  1. That's a good idea for the eldest. He's at the age where he'd be a bit more responsible and not scald the bejesus out of himself if he touched the oven etc if he was possessed to lick the oven door etc. Mine tend to still do that sort of thing.

    I send mine away for the holidays ... a bit like a reverse boarding school. Bad mother.

    Mobile blogging ... is that on your i-phone? I'm about an apple-seed away from jumping on board.

  2. Yes, on the iPhone. I'd send mine away too but no one ever puts their hand up for the job!

  3. Great idea for holiday activities. We did some cooking at home and you guessed it, I got to clean up - lucky me. Your post turned out fine from the iphone. ;-)

  4. The cooking class sounds like win-win for everyone, especially seeing as biscuits are a result :)

  5. I sent mine away today but I had to go with them and bring them back. Those look like good carbo boy fillers. What are they? Big Fella and I attended the Ilve cooking/ maintenance class. There was some very tricky way of pulling the front door apart to clean the 3 sheets of glass but I've never been game to try it in 5 years.

  6. Ha, ha, I wonder what would have happened if he had let slip that he was 9?
    Sounds like a successful day all around.
    Blogging on your iphone turned out great. Can I ask, do you have a particular app? I can't even comment from my iphone let alone write a post. I struggle posting from the ipad too.

  7. Piroshki? I had a Russian friend at school whose Mum used to make the most divine piroshki on a stove in her garage. As you do. Hmmm, I could do with one of those right now infact...

  8. I wonder if this cooking class would work for retired husbands.

  9. Fantastic school holiday activity. Cooking is such a great life skill, and if it becomes an enjoyable activity, then all the better.

  10. How fun! Wonder if they would check my ID, I badly need to learn how to cook better. Just been winging it all these years. lol x Jode


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