Monday, 19 September 2011

Old garage doors

It's the first day of the spring school holidays which means time at home with the children.

It also means I have an extra two pairs of eyes, in the form of Sons #1 & #2, to watch Son #3 when I am working around the house. They really are a great help when I am in the middle of doing something like painting.

While Son #3 had his lunch time nap, I quickly took the opportunity to slap some paint onto our shabby chic garage doors. They used to be dark heritage green.

I literally did slap on the paint because the doors will eventually be replaced. There is no point labouring meticulously over them as some of the timber boards are rotted and are in serious disrepair - it has been patched up with an odd assortment of  timber and tin to keep the structure sturdy and functioning.

I just wanted to paint them so the Sow's Ear looked more finished off from the street.

Old garage doors patched up with picture rail and floor board. (Not of our doing).
Yikes!  Looks better from the street! 

First coat of paint on the timber garage doors

For now, we'll keep the doors until we decide what we are going to do underneath the house. To build-in underneath or not to build-in underneath?  It's a good question and one which we can ponder about for a little while.

I've also been making slow but steady progress on the outdoor gates. I'm on a mission to un-heritage green the Sow's Ear.

Painting timber gates and fences white 


  1. Looking good, I'd have done the same. I know too well the trials of eradication of heritage green. We have just the top part over the verandah to do now and like at your place, it's a tricky spot to safely access. Will be so satisfying to get it all done. My neighbour is about to start whiting out her mission brown. I'll send her your blog to inspire her to keep at it.

  2. Nice work Anita, I think a rough white triumphs a shabby heritage green any day.

  3. Call me old fashioned but I love your garage doors. They've got so much more character than the roller doors that everyone has. I'm sure you'd like some electric garage doors some day, but I think these are fab. Amber

  4. Heritage Green. Mission Brown. We've done our fair share of covering up those most delightful colours ourselves...try Tuscan Orange and that horrible 80's blue. Mexican restaurant colours and what we've been covering up this time.

  5. Paint slapping while child napping is absolutely the way to go. I am an expert at this myself as you know. Agree that heritage green must go, not far below peach in hideousness in my opinion. Looking to you knocking over the entire fence during these hols. melx

  6. Fabulous. Will the car ports be staying and getting the brown and white treatment. I can't wait to see it all! I may just have to so a drive by lurk he he.

  7. Heritage green is not the most inspiring of colours is it? All that white is looking great Anita, slapped on or not.
    Secretly though, I do love your old garage doors, even though I appreciate they're probably not weather tight, or practical. Lovely though! xx

  8. Hmm, when Lucinda's napping I usually just collapse on the couch feeling shell shocked and wonder whether anyone would notice if I poured a stiff drink. So, once again, you impress me.

  9. We have to eradicate the Heritage Green from our entire house in the next few weeks. White looks like hard work over the dark green. Are you high enough to build in underneath? It looks like you might be. Those doors are kind of gorgeous though. Maybe they can be reused for something else like a HUGE outdoor coffee table.

  10. Looking good. You guys aremaking so much progress! Love those doors - be sure to let me know when you're ditching - i'll buy them off you.x

  11. Heritage green's right up there with mission brown and that heritage maroony colour whatever that's called. I love your white and the orange meter box :)

  12. I like your doors with their character and history. The whole heritage colour range depresses me - good luck with your un-heritage-ing efforts. Maybe the boys could paint for you. 20 cents a paling!


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