Sunday, 4 September 2011

The insight of a child

Days like Father's Day offer an insight into what children really think of their parents. Jason and I love nothing more than seeing what gift our children choose or what sentiment they write on the cards they work so hard to make.

This morning Jason was awakened excitedly by the fruits of his loins for the Father's Day gift-giving exercise. Son #2 who is six years old made a booklet about his father. You know those little fill-in-the-blanks pro forma sheets asking vital statistics and details.

My Dad is ____ years old. He weighs____ and is ____cm tall.

You get the picture. (For the record Jason is a skinny giant according to Son #2)

It was very cute until the following page.

My dad likes to relax by sleeping.
He loves to wear painting clothes.
The picture depicts Jason sleeping on a bed.
The next page went on to say:

It makes my dad happy when he gets ebay stuf (sic).

I told Jason he'd been described as the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.

"That's your child's estimation of you. He's just described you as a slob - a painting-clothes wearing ebayer who sleeps all the time!"

comic book guy

Too funny. Especially since Jason is a James Bond (the Daniel Craig version) wannabe.

Needless to say, Jason did not paint this fine Father's Day, nor was he caught napping or ebaying.


  1. Hi miss silk purse

    well - children do certainly see us in amazing views don't they.

    I love a good bloke who can mix it with the best - to me that is:
    put on some work clothes, do a hard days labour if needed, find a great bargain and dress up daniel craig too.

    You sound like you have the lot



  2. ha love it! But comic book guy is one of my favourites..behind the swamp dude with 20 kids....

  3. Are you sure it was "painting clothes" my first glance was "pantying hose" ;)

  4. Good point, Deb. Maybe it should be cross-dressing ebayer who sleeps all the time...I'll check my stocking supplies to see if they're intact. x

  5. I thought it said he likes to wear 'panty-hose'. That would have been an insight.

  6. Oops - I see someone else thought the same thing. Sorry - I should have read the comments first.

  7. Ha! I'm with Deb and Tom and thought it said pantyhose. Hmmmm....

  8. eah, lets kee it as panty hose - thats freaking hilarious.

    hope you guys had a lovely day xx

  9. I thought it said panyhose too I`m still chuckling

  10. Out of the mouths of babes...

  11. But how well does his son truly know him? Surely the thing about Jason is that he likes to *not* wear painting clothes, hence our admiration of his eternal shirtlessness.

  12. That is so funny. My neighbour seeing me in my sexy painting clothes the other day (it's the same outfit) said I look like an artist. That sounds stylish right?!
    I love those booklets, and kids take on life. x

  13. Poor Jason... freaking hilarious though!

    Thanks for stopping by the other day - I spied a couple of your agaves in the previous post. After potting all of mine, I've shifted them to a sunny spot out the back of the shed where they can thrive on neglect for the next few months before being sold.

    I then cut 27 pups off my yukkas - the original four plants are now more than three metres tall and a few of the pups had gotten bigger than the mother plants were to start with. It's starting to look like a garden nursery out back!

    Pele x

  14. Hi, have had a little catch up - it's been a while. Don't you love the things the school get your child to do?? My husband got a cut out (of himself) from Miss two - he loved that he finally had more hair!!
    Love your friends apartment - that floor is awesome and so is her furniture, it fits in perfectly.

  15. This is very precious. I can't wait til my kid does stuff like this. x

  16. Absolute cracker. Could be worse though. He could of said that Dad's favourite clothes were the ones he left on the floor while he painted shirtless for the amusement of mum's bloggy friends. Oh wait, that must be the next installment in Grade 3. melx

  17. Oh that is hilarious - out of the mouths of babes, only you have it all written down for posterity. I too thought it said pantyhose at first glance - and well, I thought maybe that was one of Jason's little habits you hadn't shown us! xx

  18. So funny. When my eyes skimmed over the word, I thought it read pantaloons. I love kids' early writing.


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