Friday, 25 March 2011

Driving around in our bathroom renovation

Did I ever tell you that Jason is driving around in our bathroom renovation? He has been for the past few months.

Let me go into the background for those who are new to this blog.

Jason and I are completely incompatible when it comes to the topic of money.

I'm frugal and he's not. It was the way we were raised. I have depression-era mentality parents, while Jason has baby-boomer parents. Our two worlds could not be more entirely different when we compare our financial backgrounds.

I need to save for that rainy day which may never come. However, Jason is okay with living from pay cheque to pay cheque (not that he's paid by cheque, but you get my drift).

Renovating the Sow's Ear has been a great challenge in terms of working out our priorities. It must be a dilemma that many renovating couples experience.

Let me illustrate our story with some pivotal images:

Our  Jason's new car
The above image is the "Oh my God, I am 40 years old and I need a European sports car" purchase. Jason did end up buying the car after much discussion and consultation with his lovely wife. Aren't I nice?

Anyway, I call it the Bathroom Renovation. BR for short. The new car taunts me and I swear it gurgles flushing toilet noises every time I near it.

This is the second new car that Jason has purchased in as many years. Our very first car was stolen at Bunnings (the hardware shop for overseas readers) when we first moved to the Sow's Ear. It is poetic cruelty - a renovator's car stolen at the hardware store.

Jason used the renovation money set aside for the bathroom and other projects to buy a brand new runabout for work. He had it for 15 months before trading it in to buy the new sports car. We literally have been donating money to the car yards these past few years!

Full Retail business suit
This image is "I need to look like James Bond now, because I've bought the sports car" suit. Jason paid Full Retail, after telling me that he'd watch his pennies after buying the new car. How naive I was!

I look at this particular suit and think about the fly screens for all the bedrooms.

And then there was yesterday. Jason came home from work holding a suit bag. I thought it was his dry cleaning. No, my mistake. He just bought another suit!

This may or may not be the suit that Jason bought. I couldn't bear to look at it properly, I was so annoyed!

Let's get this straight, I'm not against Jason buying clothes for work. (Ironic that he loves clothes so much when he can't stand wearing clothes at home). It's just that this particular purchase is poorly timed. Buying a good work suit is very expensive. This spur-of-the-moment purchase is the equivalent to Carlo the Electrician's electrical bill for rewiring the entire house.

A few major bills have made things look a bit lean around here. Stupidly, I have been trying to watch my spending, delaying major purchases in order to save.

I know that the way I feel is my own silly fault because I am being pointlessly frugal. Please make me feel better. Am I the only one who plays the financial martyr?

Jason's new suit was on sale, thankfully. And this blog is a great form of therapy too.


  1. Hearing you sister! Currently debate in progress over Legoman spending 1/3 of last years entire work bonus on personalized car plates ( poor mans version of wanting European sports car but having to settle for the plates). Not only do I think it's a completely naf thing to waste money on but I had already planned that going towards the deck roof, or a new kitchen or carport etc etc etc. Not to mention that as he rides a scooter I would be stuck driving the naf plates all over Brisbane!

  2. Bungalowgirl, I had to talk Jason out of the number plate...Ha! I'm not so annoyed anymore. I feel at peace now that there is a blog post about it! xx

  3. I have been the financial martyr in our family for sometime now. Hubby is over in th UK visiting family courtesy of business class return I might add. Martyr no more - I feel a spurge on a new lounge suite would be a nice surprise for him when he gets home. What do you think Anita?

  4. Hmmm I have a Peugeot and totally love it, so don't think I can offer an unbiased opinion.

    TDM xx

  5. On the clothes front,I let Mr Crazy House have the"big"wardrobe for all his "work clothes"he's turning into a clothes horse but does the shirtless thing quite often at home.I think it must be peer pressure?

  6. Now that sounds like one perfectly normal relationship to me Anita. That same thing happens here, only in reverse. Isn't it an 'opposites attract' or a ying/yang thing??

  7. too funny. i remember he had one for a day didnt he for a test run?? so he finally did it.

    looks great. but thinking of you darl, perhaps start smashing a few tiles, loosening a few pipes and gently nudging your priorities back to the top of the list ;)

    have a great weekend xx

  8. Typical!

    You go all out to teach your kids to ‘sprechen the frog’ , but the minute Jas’ starts to embrace Gallic culture via an automotive purchasing choice – all of a sudden it’s a bad thing!

    If you are looking for consistency, I suppose you have to refer to the previous post about rice custard. It’s the only place you’ll find any consistency hereabouts.

    Shame on you Brismod.

    Every fool knows there are no tax benefits in Bathroom renos.

    Besides that, the low flying French sex machine, is a) very low flying B) is extremely French and c)...... go greased lightnin' You are supreme, the chicks'll .........

    Maybe we’re onto something here.

    Perhaps the Subaru should henceforth be referred to as ‘Not a hairdressers car’ and the Peugeot as ‘Greased Lightning'?

    Food for thought

  9. Pam, I reckon you splurge. You have my full support.

    And you Mr Rooney. I knew you were going to throw your two cents worth. If Jason wanted to embrace Gallic culture, a few croissants would've done the trick in my book. x

  10. I feel your pain. In my case it's expensive things like tractors that just sit in the yard and never do anything, chainsaws that see no work,etc. And a horse who won't be ridden! I'm on a roll now.

  11. It's just the way it is Anita - I re-use coffee filters, he buys gourmet snacks - and it has been this way through thick and thin! Same reasons as in your house, upbringing...
    I think that is is beginning to filter in my dear one's mind that I need a cushion of savings to feel comfortable, while he is always happy to wing it. The painful thing is that he discounted my feelings for ALL THOSE YEARS.

  12. I'm reading Peace and Plenty by Sarah Ban Brethnach and have just read the chapter on our money history and family beliefs. I am hoping this book will give me a bit of peace and lots of plenty....

  13. It is a juggling act sometimes. You can only pour yourself into the house so much I guess.. You need to have a little fun along the way. I haven't really helped have I? I think you deserve a little something special too. Go treat yourself girl! ;-)

  14. It is a juggling act sometimes. You can only pour yourself into the house so much I guess.. You need to have a little fun along the way. I haven't really helped have I? I think you deserve a little something special too. Go treat yourself girl! ;-)

  15. Oh how I had to laugh! It's either laugh or cry sometimes... today as I read this my husband is driving 5 hrs south to pick up a new boat. Right above my laptop I have taped a piece of paper on which husband wrote "kitchen in by 22/5/11". As yet we have no floor, no wall or ceiling lining, the doors need replacing etc etc etc. Hmmm... and new boat number 3 is the priority on this precious Saturday. Thoughts are with you!

  16. I am slightly in shock ha. You finally did it Brismod...outed Jason. No more sly little digs for me every time you do a "poor hard working Jason vs lazy Brismod blog" Tell him if he loans it to you on Monday it may help...ha!!...May. (Mr Rooney needs to learn to button up if he knows what's good for him...ha. And you need help in shopping for this suite...go for it!!)

  17. Yes definitely for Monday! But I'm thinking maybe a van for the Monday visit because I have heaps of things you will be taking home because as we know I have no room in the new old house and TOO MUCH stuff. I'm sorting a huge pile at the moment ready for you to go through :) On Monday night you can tell Jason truthfully that you had to except other people's hand me downs because you are so poor from the Peugeot purchase.

  18. it is a reeeaaalllyy nice car tho :) im a spender, sometimes to my own detriment.
    ~laura x

  19. New boat! Whoo hoo. Top marks.

    Some people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

    I'm not naming names, but you know who you are.

    You, and other poor souls like you, are beyond my capacity to help.

  20. Ha! Completely beyond your help, Mr Rooney!

  21. Kel and La went to West End this afternoon to do ‘Mother and daughter Yoga’

    Weird or what?

    Anyway Matt and I went to Wivenhoe Dam for a swim, via Mount Glorious. What a great road. I couldn’t help but think that it was built with ‘greased lightning’ in mind.

    If you want to drop the lads off at ours tomorrow morning and blat up to Mt Glorious for Brunch, how cool would that be?

    Yes. Very cool.

    PS. Tell Jas that the Fernvale Bakery has 115 varieties of award winning pies.

  22. Goodness, Mr Rooney is putting in his $2 worth today isn't he. Nice to know Legoman is not the only bloke lured by the nafness of personalised plates. What was Jason wanting? And what on earth are you up to on Monday? Could you be cramming other peoples unwanted midcentury items into the bathroom renovation to take back to the sow's ear? Curiosity just got the better of me.

  23. Will the snazziness of the new suit earn him a salary increase that will more than pay for all home renovations plus a Hermes bag for you? Or not?

  24. I hear you loud and clear. MONT is the big saver at Number 10, whereas I want things done now!
    I'm thrifty and like nothing more than a good bargain but I still want things finished and hate having to wait. He won't do anything until he's darn good and ready. It drives me nuts because it means it's taking years, rather than months to get Number 10 finished.

  25. What a great post. I had to laugh and read this to Lyn.
    Hmm, I am not sure I'dbe very impressed if Lyn did this. In fact I can be sure I wouldn't be impressed. So, what do you get??

  26. Mise, almost certainly not.

    Bungalowgirl, Jason wanted a European plate with his initials etc. Tomorrow I'm catching up with some blog pals which shall be a lot of fun!

    Sarah, what do I get is a very good question...clearly I must aim higher.

    Thanks everyone for your comments - I feel much better that my story resonates with some of you.

    Anyway, Jason's not so bad. It's just the differences between us frustrate me sometimes...It also makes for a funny story.

  27. Oh and we took Mr Rooney, our marriage counsellor, up on his offer. The boys had a great time with the Rooney children, while Jason took me out to brunch at Mt Glorious. xx

  28. Oh I so feel your pain! We are always arguing over the fact that I try to save wherever I can and he is trying to find where he can throw whatever is saved out the fastest..

  29. Naughty naughty Jason. We have our own mid-life crisis mobile too, though it is very nice to look at.


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