Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Peg baskets: part two

Following on from the post about the cost of the designer peg basket...

Well done to East of Hudson for having the closest guess!  You other people clearly don't know the worth of a peg basket...

Perhaps you're all out of touch in Peg Basket World. And fair enough I say.

Image from here

So, how much?

You can buy it online for the amount of $152.90. And that's discounted from $170.00.

"Hhhhun..nnn.ddred...and ffff..iiffff...,"was all that I could stutter (royally) when I saw the discounted price.

I fainted when I saw the real price.

Not all peg baskets are equal to others it would seem in this world. I hope they throw in the wooden pegs for that price (and schedule someone to come over to hang out the washing too).

It's absolutely hilarious that the humble peg basket has become something much more. Prudently, I will stick to my stripey peg bag until it dies.

But you know, I have yet to come across a peg basket that has not completely disintegrated and become land fill. My peg basket is used nearly everyday - it's an important piece of equipment.

Someone reading this needs to go and design an affordable peg basket that will see me out. Preferably something I can pick up when I'm at Big W.



  1. Sometimes some people can have too much money.

    Really, that's ridiculous for a peg basket. And to be honest, if I could justify $180 for a peg basket, I should be getting my clothes professionally laundered.

    We have a rusty old basket that I bought from the Ingham Hardware store about 10 years ago.

  2. I leave my pegs on the line.

  3. Crikey, what a price! I use an old wire egg basket, granted the pegs do slip through the holes every now and then, but it will last forever outside hanging from our Hills Hoist handle.

    To tell you the truth, I wouldn't swap mine for the designer one as it really isn't to my taste. Now if it was a designer egg basket, that's another story..hahaha

  4. Seriously, would the wealthy folk really spend that money for the maids peg basket? I think not.

  5. Oh great! I'll take five of those peg baskets please. Up to an extra 400 dollars would be okay for shipping charges.

  6. That is ridiculous!! It doesn't even look like it holds enough pegs! Obviously made for(& marketed to)someone who doesn't do much laundry - unlike me. Laundry is my life, apparently. I have just upgraded from a wire basket because it wasn't big enough; now I have a plastic peg basket from Woolies. Coast $2.50. Much better.

  7. That's just crazy! I was having a bit of a laugh at my guess of $99!
    I wonder how many they sell?

  8. Anita, I am one sad housewife. I rarely iron and I leave the pegs on the line. Very slack.
    I think those peg baskets made of a 'shade cloth' type material you see at markets would probably cut it and last a fair while.

  9. 1/4 of a kitchenaid equivalent??? Delusional. It doesn't even have a dough hook.

  10. It really doesn't look like it holds enough pegs...

    lovely greetings

  11. Crazy, even if I had all the money in the world I wouldn't waste it on that!

  12. Now that is crazy! I bought a great peg basket at the Eumundi markets .. round in a strong canvas with a mesh bottom to drain the water when it rains. If ever you're around there, check them out.

  13. That price is beyond ridiculous particularly for thrifty(miserly)girls like us ha.I use an old galvanised tub about 4ocm diameter and 10 cm high made by willow c.1940 that I banged some holes in the bottom of with a nail so that I can leave it permanantly next to the clothes line and if it rains the water runs through...cost me nothing and not too displeasing on the eye plus been around for atleast 70 years already so will no doubt see me out.

  14. Ha! I would love to know how many they've sold.

  15. I would love one of these- why don't I have a basket on wheels with a peg holder- Love it-

    Nice to find your blog- Ren

  16. What a great idea! Now you won't have to keep on bending down to get those pegs!
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  17. Haha, that's ridiculous... Im currently using a kids beach bucket. Megan xx

  18. I think the pegs in the peg cone have gold springs ,,and come with the cone,, no other reason it could cost sooooo much


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