Thursday, 31 March 2011

Retro vignettes

I've been having fun with the Jo bounty. Retro vignettes are cropping up everywhere!

 Pomona Arabia stoneware jars designed by Raija Uosikkinen sitting on the kitchen bench. 

Three West German pottery vases in the study. The baby vase will house the biros which keep getting lost.
Also, I hope everyone has been reading the latest online Australian design magazine called est which has just launched. It is very, very good - I wouldn't mention it if it weren't.

It has an interesting feature regarding Real or Replica. I've also discovered the world of Wonki Ware from a random photograph.

Read est mag here.


  1. Enjoy your haul! Off to check out est.

    TDM x

  2. Your new bits look very at home :)
    I hadn't heard of est so thanks for the heads-up. x

  3. I love a retro vignette which features Arabia ware.

    I'd push someone over for some Arabia ware. Even an old lady. I'd push an old lady to the ground if she was encroaching on some Arabia. Even if she had a poodle. Push. Over. Out of the way, Old Lady.

    Okay, doctor, I'll get off nursey's computer now.

  4. Even before I opened your post I thought to myself...Anita's having a lot of fun with that haul of hers :) And you are!

  5. Great vignettes... Daily Imprint posted an interview with est's editor Sian Macpherson the other day. She sounds like a helluva lady. Here's the link - xx

  6. Those Arabia stoneware jars are so cool. Are there more in the set yet to be found?

  7. Dont ya just love new toys!!!
    Thanks for the links, I will check them out!!!

  8. I love the simple images on your Arabia ware. Excellent vignette-ing. It's like a vignette-athon over at F&VJ's!! So much Fun & vignettes to be had.
    That Wonki Ware is gorgeous! Not to mention the lovely story behind how it all began. Love a business with that type of ethos, making the world a better place.

  9. Good job on the vignette. Looks so very organised.

  10. Hey, Awesome retro things here, I like a lot!
    And very nice your blogsites,
    Pitsimiini loves retro style : )
    Laura from Finland

  11. Those stoneware canisters are so cool, I can't pick which pattern I like the best they look so good together, great score!


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