Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A car boot load of vintage

My word! The amount of excellent vintage ceramics and glassware which Jo, from Desire to Inspire, gave me yesterday is almost embarassing.

Luckily, I got over the embarrassment!

Jo is incredibly generous. The fact that I took that much from Jo and she could not have been happier is actually quite funny (as well as heart warming).

Katherine's (from theoldboathouse) eyes, popped out of her head when Jo kept pulling out collectable piece after collectable piece from her cupboards. As a matter of fact, my eye balls nearly fell out of their sockets too!

Jo has an eye for mid-century vintage - she says everything she's bought has been a couple of dollars here and there at op shops. She's been collecting for years in anticipation for when she and her husband bought their dream house.

Well, they've got the house but they've got more things than what they need. She's in the process of decluttering. And she's moving on from her Scandinavian phase.

I feel like the chosen one. Jo's op shop treasures have found a grateful home. I will be swapping out some of my other things and donating it to charity - things which are no longer to my taste, to make room for the booty. After all, we really don't need so many tea mugs!

Feast your eyes on this:

Two West German pottery vases and an Arabia glass plate called Kastehelmi designed by Oiva Toikka. Jason's bedside table will be home for these lovely items. The book is on loan  from Mr Rooney, our well-read builder. 

Le Creuset vintage cast iron saucepan and fry pans. I have turfed my old not so non-stick Teflon fry pan.  Jo, you have made all my frittata and omelette dreams come true...

Iittala glassware, Arabia stoneware, Danish teak candle sticks and a Stavangerflint Kon Tiki casserole dish. The mother-load of Scandinavian homewares given away so readily and happily. 

But wait! There's still more. And they're not even steak knives. (Sorry for the Tim Shore line from the old Demtel ads. You'd know it if you were a daytime TV addict in the 90s...like me)

I will show you the rest tomorrow and you can see where the booty will live in the Sow's Ear.

Jo, I have had so much fun sorting through the goodies today and finding the perfect place for them. x


  1. What a treasure trove. Lucky you.

  2. I am completely jealous!! But so happy to think they're in a home that appreciates them! That's an amazing collection of decent quality pieces.

    Good for you, homegirl!

    (Can you move on from a Scandinavian phase? Where does one go post-Scandinavia? Is it like the afterlife? 70s Disco?)

  3. Jo sounds like one lovely lady. And I like Make mine mid-century's comment "where does one go post-Scandinavia?" I was wondering the same thing!

  4. Love a bit of treasure sharing, very nice. Everything is very you Anita!!

  5. Oooh, I spy several lovely items in that last photo! Lucky you! My husband would have had a heart attack if I was given such a stash... ;)

  6. Good things come to good people...or so I've heard:)

  7. What?!! I said WHAT?!! Lucky lucky you! And what a lovely lovely friend.

  8. How lucky you are to have such a generous friend ... and what a lovely home for all those gorgeous things to go to! Can't see myself 'moving on' from my Scandinavian phase. Michelle

  9. Wowza, what a haul! I'd have had to smuggle all that into the house and pretend it was always there. I get in trouble for my bowerbird ways.
    Jo is so generous!

  10. There's more! Oh yes right there was a boot full wasn't there. You know I went to the big thrift store again today and they had restocked and I found more "stuff". See that's why I give it away. So I can find more ;)

    As to what comes after Scandinavian ... 80s. Yes I have turned to the 80s. Disco too :)

  11. How wonderful to have a friend with unwanted treasures and so lovely to see groovy bits and bobs going to a home where they will be much appreciated. I love the old day trip to Ippy as well- I was there a few weeks ago and came home with an armful of pillowcases and fabric.

  12. wow, nice loot! that jo has brilliant taste, and is a good sort too, even better!

    have fun darl with your new treasures x

    (now, was that a peugeot boot load or a family car boot load? ;)

  13. I have the same orange vintage Le Creuset set which my mother in law had it for 20 years, thanks for following my blog. Tiffany x

  14. So much Arabia, groan, dribble, drool!

  15. Le Creuset is the best ever! Lucky lady with a very giving friend.

    Pam x

  16. Well that is a generous haul from Jo and you sound like a kid in a candy store! Can't wait to see more. ;-)

  17. Woah what a windfall. You must have felt like all your christmases had come at once! Love all the green on the bedside table, and then seeing the green glass in the window behind. Looking mighty fine I must say!


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