Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Ipswich thrift

I have been initiated into the world of Ipswich op shops. Why did I not know that this was the place to go for some mid-century goodness?

Guided by the grand dame of interior design blogging, Jo from Desire to Inspire and the queen of boathouse vintage, Katherine from theoldboathouse, I felt quite the amateur fossicker.

These eagle-eye women can spot a West German pottery vase, tribal Polynesian artifact and highly collectable piece of modernist design within seconds of entering an op-shop. If you must op-shop with someone, it's good to op-shop with the best. They have an uncanny sixth sense for thrift.

Our area of op-shop concentration was on Brisbane Street - there is the Hospice Bargain Centre, Animal Welfare league, Lifeline and a few other op/antique shops.

Apparently, Vintage Advantage is quite good too but it was closed on the Monday we visited because of a weekend antique show in Brisbane.

Aida Stagen iron candle holder, West German pottery jug, white Japanese planter

At the Hospice shop, I purchased a West German pottery jug, vintage Japanese planter and small Danish iron candle holder. All in excellent condition and all for the total sum of $8.

Jason is being sent on a mission to the Cathedral shop to find 12 thin taper candles. I hope he will find some.

More goodies from Jo

The image above includes some more Jo treasures -  Midwinter Stonehenge Moon plate, West German pottery, Japanese jar, Pyrex bowl, Crown Lynn dish and funky black and white trough vase. There was also a groovy Grecian horse cushion cover for Son #1 which he loves.

Everything I will use and enjoy. For example, the large Crown Lynn casserole dish is currently in the oven with a hearty beef stew for tonight's dinner and I have three funky West German vases sitting on the desk in the study as I type.

Thanks again Jo!!


  1. I had Midwinter in another life! (same husband though).

  2. Ha! I want it all back. What was I thinking!! Just kiddin'. I'm on the lookout for tapers too. You should smooze up to some Scandi bloggers and ask them to send you some. Found a studio pottery hand slabbed lamp base at Hospice today. $3. Just thought you'd like to know :P

  3. Geez you are having a great week. I love all the stuff you have been given by Jo. I am not much good at thrifting I seem to always be drawn to the Most Expensive Item In The Room. It's genetic I think.


  4. Wow, you really did find some fabulous things. I must confess I have never been to Ipswich...I definitely need to get over there ASAP! Maybe I can take the kids there during the week. The school holidays are going to be very slow if this rain keeps up!

    Enjoy these wonderful treasures Anita!

    Best wishes,

  5. Love the black and white planter!

  6. Wowsers. Some good buying there. Ipswich is great. A little treasure trove. I've been wondering if the antique store at the bottom of the old mill is still there after the flood? Did you go into that one. I've bought so much from her - great shop!

  7. Glad to see some Crown Lynn in amongst your amazing pieces!

    Pam x

  8. Brisbane op shopping looks great! You have to be fast in Sydney as all the good stuff gets picked up fast

  9. You got so much I actually had forgotten some of the goodies Jo bequeathed to you. Lucky duck! Ha. Nobody has commented poor Katherine she just had to stand back and watch! Not to mention drool and I think I let out a wimped at one stage. We will however definitely be returning to the thrift shops of Ipswich...

  10. Hi Anita! Looks like you hit the Jackpot!! Everything is Beautiful!

    Big Hugs ~ T

  11. Oh Katherine I am so sorry! I thought you had a strict one in one out policy and that these little things wouldn't be good enough to break it. That and the fact that you come across this stuff all the time. Next time I open the cupboards to give things away you get to take it all home :)

  12. Love Ipswich! They're also great for cheap veggies and fruit.
    Gee you had a bountiful day. I love anything blue/white mix.
    Poor Katherine. No I can't say that with all the good stuff she gets on a daily basis! :)

  13. Katherine, I'm nearly feeling sorry for you but then I remember what is on your dining room table regularly!Ha!

    Jo, you know you can always change your mind. I'm good at borrowing and then giving back!!

    Natasha, you've never been to Ipswich? You should do a drive there with the kids. Lots of lovely old Queenslanders, there's an antique centre etc. Would make a great day trip.

    Liz, we concentrated on Brisbane St because time was so limited. I'm not sure if there is a store at the bottom of the old mill. Will check it out next time. xx

  14. Yes the antique shop is still in the basement of the old flour mill as well as a fabulous cupcake shop ... yum! We had so little time to see everything because we spent so much time gas bagging on my front veranda. There is a pretty shabby chic meets vintage fabric and clothes shop called Shady Lady down from ES Traders that is a definite to see as well. A few more thrifts too but not enough time this time. There is always the next visit :) Think we need more people next time too!

    Having been born in Ipswich and leaving a LONG time ago I was pleasantly surprised when I moved back. The arts and craft scene is very strong and the thrift shopping is fab. There is a thriving artist community and everyone is so supportive. That combined with ridiculously cheap houses and I'm hooked. The commute to Brisbane though is a b*tch. can't have it all I guess!

  15. Yes Jo you are so right,One in one out, I was just teasing ha. I could do with a good de clutter myself, but you know us vintage dealers we are a greedy bunch ha! Our eyes are regularly bigger than our houses....It is amazing though how you have come full circle and have re found Ipswich...actually Jeeves (Anita) my driver and I were amazed how quick we got there and back and it is such a good straight drive. Next time we will Plan a tour I would love to check out more of the stunning homes around you. Xx

  16. Did you say Crown Lynn! I am a very avid collector! I have almost every piece of the whiteware vases and am building a large Dorothy Thorpe 'pine' dinnerset by buying odd pieces on trademe (NZ's eBay). I get them shipped to my mum in Hamilton and she brings over a suitcase of my online auction wares once a year.

  17. I freaking love Ipswich - I'm a fan of the salvos super store at booval??? so good and the Hospice shop :D

  18. I never really see a lot of Crown Lynn around but if I ever come across the Pine pattern I'll let you know. I googled it - a great setting!

    The casserole dish I got from Jo is called Seascape. I have no idea of the exact vintage but it was the perfect size for dinner last night! x

  19. Great stuff. Found treasures like these often end up giving me so much more pleasure than newly manufactured things.


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