Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Builder's chic

A new purchase was made at the Sow's Ear during Jason's week off.

New tool belt with quick release buckle

I fear this building gig has rushed to Jason's head somewhat. So far, he's just been parading around the house with the new belt.

He's embracing Builder's Chic.

If he buys himself a high visibility vest and runs away to join a construction site, I'll be sure to let you know.


  1. Very impressive indeed. I'm wondering in what sort of decorating/DIY emergencies one would want to release the buckle quickly?

  2. I wondered the same thing...apparently the quick release feature was a big draw card...

  3. I love a tool belt on a man, seriously! When Lyn throws his over his shoulder he instantly looks more attractive to me! I don't know what it is, but it works...

  4. Sorry not phased by the toolbelt. I am admiring Jason's veins, easy pickings for an IV drip. Sights like that make us Nurses very happy.

  5. Ha ha ha you are all too funny. Still pondering the quick release feature. Does Mr Rooney have one?

  6. Are you sure this is Jason, he seems to be modelling with too many pieces of clothing? The quick release is just in case he is mobbed by all those blogland housewives who are overcome with images of alpine adult documentaries.

  7. A Bit of lore

    First up it is a nail bag, not a tool belt.

    A split bag is a good one with the tape in the middle. It lets you set up your nail bag so that it can be used in the same way as a typist would use a qwerty keyboard. There are some things the left hand does and some things the right hand does. If everything is set out correctly, learnt and practised a good nail bag does amazing things to efficiency (Especially if you are up a ladder or similarly indisposed.)

    If you’ve got some tools and you have a clue how to use them and you have a whole pile of fixings (nails, screws whatever) a nail bag isn’t just an affectation, it adds to efficiency and reduces frustration by a factor of much.

    Although Jas has tackled and smashed a couple of projects that would challenge ‘Harry the happy handyman with the performing electric drill’ even Harry would benefit from a nail bag.

    If you don’t work with tools everyday you might suffer from the ‘four O’clock filthys’. That is after eight hours on the job you are looking for your tape measure for the fifteenth time that day, can’t find it and start swearing and chucking random tools at passing widows and orphans.

    If you are renovating, get a nail bag early and learn how it works. It is not a fashion accessory. It is a tool as important as a hammer or a tape measure.

    I only ever put mine on when I really need to because I find that the uneven distribution of weight tends to bugger my back, but when you need it, you need it.

    Here is how it works.

    If you are right handed, tape in the middle, hammer on the right. Nail punch should be on the left, pencil on the right, pouch closest to the belt on the left should have a chisel if it isn’t in a separate pouch left rear. I like a combination square on the left too.

    After that it is horses for courses. Nippers which are only ever used with the right hand go on the right. The chalk line Jas has in the left nail pouch goes in my right tool pouch. The goggles in his right nail pouch should be on his dial.

    The pockets at the front are for fixings. The one you using most of are put in the left hand side.

    If you make a habit out of carrying nothing but a tape and a hammer in your nail bag the world will thank you. Nobody likes a cranky man.

    When it comes to nail bags price is always a reasonable surrogate indicator for quality.
    The more you spend the better it will be. Jason will soon find out that he got a false bargain. A cheap nail bag (anything less than a hundred dollars) is no chop. Easily apparent from the photo are the miniature fixing pouches at the front of the bag. They are too small. If you can’t get your whole hand in to ferret around in them, then they’re no bloody good.

    I’m betting that this bit of kit will be flicked to number 1 son in short order and replaced by something better.

    Nail bags.

    Get into them.

  8. I was thinking the same thing about Jason's veins. We re-a-l-l-y know how to give compliments!!!Yep, very happy.....

  9. Gee, we call them tool belts in Canada, Mr Rooney.

  10. Goodness Mr Rooney needs a blog... he's blogging in your comments... and Jason can't run off and join the circus/building site until he's done with the Sow's ear...

  11. Want to see builder's cheek ;)

  12. you had me at quick release feature...

  13. Too funny. My husband loves his tool belt - oops, I mean nail bag. He has been buying them for his friends whenever he has the opportunity! I will be sure to pass on Mr Rooney's instructions for correct use of the nail bag to ensure optimal usage! Karen

  14. Mr Rooney cracks me up. Who knew there was so much etiquette to the nail bag; or that it was called that instead of tool belt. It's a lovely camel colour.

  15. There are so many redeeming features about Jason.

    I think someone needs to make a "Jason Doll" ... with features including:

    Prominent veins for IV drip insertion in case of hospitalisation;

    Quick Release Nail Bag with a range of tools (not recommended for Under 3's);

    Easily removable shirt;

    A Pull Cord allowing Jason Doll to say things like: "Anita, get off the computer and do some housework!"

    "When's Mr Rooney coming over again?"

    "Go in the backyard, boys and play in your tank"

    "What!? I've run out of Brasso again?"

  16. All he needs now are those little frill things to put over his boots to stop muck getting into his boots. Tres chic!

  17. Wow Mr Rooney, serious stuff!
    Lyn doesn't have nails in his as he's a sparky so hopefully I can still call it a tool belt :)
    I just love MMMC's Jason doll idea with it's fab pull cord comments.
    I fear this is all getting rather out of hand!

  18. Nail bag vs tool belt..Mr Rooney I love your defintiion!

    As for Jason wearin the belt/bag around a lot, I guess the quick release thingy is vital...particularly if that's ALL he's wearing.

  19. Two words: CHAMPAGNE COMEDY!


  20. I've been searching high and low for a yellow belt. And you've found the one I want. Admittedly, I wasn't looking for one with pockets. But now that I've seen Jason's belt, I think it would be very handy. I'd put the kids snacks in one pocket, my mobile in another, the keys in another and there's even a handy hook for the dog lead. Brilliant! Why haven't the handbag designers thought of this before? So now I have to ask, where did you get it? Amber

  21. Jason thanks you for all your excellent comment on his "nail bag". He's particularly interested in developing this Jason Doll idea, or Jason Action Figure as he would prefer it to be called.

    Now Amber, I am hoping you're just taking the piss, if not, you can find them at your local Bunnings. xx


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