Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Soda Syphon

There are few things which remind me of childhood as vividly as the Sparklets soda syphon.

My family were huge soda water drinkers in the 60s and 70s when it was hugely popular and in the 80s when it was no longer fashionable.

I went to visit my Mum today and she was having a clean-out of her cupboards. Bless her hoarding heart. Not only did she pass on some questionable 80s fashion to Son #1 (which originally belonged to one of my brothers), but she  let me have a Sparklets Globemaster and a box of syphon bulbs.

I had a choice of the red Globemaster, the blue Globemaster or a red Hostmaster. On a whim, I chose blue.

Blue anodised Sparklets Globemaster soda syphon

The whole syphon thing is highly amusing, especially after googling syphons and finding this description of the Globemaster on this site.  It seems Jason and I can have some cool parties and sufficient soda water...But most importantly the site has step-by-step instructions on using syphons.

When I returned home with my Globemaster, I realised I didn't get the bulb-holder to see if the the syphon still worked. I'll have to visit Mum again later this week to get it.

And here's Son#1 modelling his 80s nylon jacket. Now all we need are some Reebok pumps and we're set.

1980s nylon jacket


  1. I love your chosen soda syphon's fat rounded shape, I have never seen one like that. It's gorgeous.

  2. Excellent choice!! Son number one looks very grown up in his new, old threads. xx Katherine

  3. That is one puffy jacket. Please don't make him wear it to school camp!

  4. What's wrong with that jacket? I kid.

  5. There's nothing wrong with that puffy jacket! Cool!

    And what a great soda syphon thing. I've vague memories of soda being sprayed around with gay abandon in the 1970s too ... mainly I remember the sound.

    Get that whats-it thing to add and get that baby going!!

    PS I expect an invite to any party where soda's concerned.

  6. I've not seen that style before. I do love the colour.
    Oh yes, I do remember those reeboks - I don't think I was cool enough to own them :)

  7. As much as I'm sick of hearing 'the 80s are back!' I must agree with makeminemidcentury - that jacket is cool and deserves a revival.

  8. Oh the 80's. We didn't have the Sparklets Soda Syphon, we had the Soda Stream! The memories, only three pumps was the house rule. Mmmmm flat soft drink! lol x Jode
    Is it a smile or an unimpressed look under that jacket collar??

  9. It is gorgeous looking isn't it- I hope you can get it working. The puffer jacket is already back in, Roboboy was given one from Cotton On but he is extremely wary of it. melx

  10. Lucky 80's fashion is all the rage, even the Reebok high tops, oh lord!
    I love soda water, I had an antique soda bottle but it didn't work (looked good though)
    Sar x

  11. I'm addicted to soda, so this appeals very much to me. Does it work? Bubbles post if so.
    That jacket looks perfect in it's retro way - and for what has turned into a rather nippy day - very practical too.

  12. I love the blue! If it doesn't work, it would make a fantasstic retro vase. Yes? I remember my little brother owning a jacket like your son's. They were the bomb back then!


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