Sunday, 18 September 2011

Orange switchboard box

What happened to Spring? It was frickin' hot today! Apparently it was 33 degrees Celsius.

This morning we had an early start to get some painting in before it got too hot. Jason was up on the carport roof  painting the weatherboards while I was down below getting the first coat of paint onto the fences. I swear I have snow blindness after painting all that white.

To break up the monotony of the white I thought I'd give the electrical switchboard/meter box a dab of colour. Bright Delight to be precise.

Orange Switchboard box

It looks really cute and is just the right amount of colour for the Sow's Ear. And if we tire of it, there's no drama in re-painting it down the track.

Oh and the Tuscan peach is now finito!


  1. i can see you did get some painting done today! and painting at that!! love it.

  2. A great drying day for your painting. A friend who is building a boat is rapt with these hot's just what he needs to finish off the painting on his boat. There's always someone loving the weather!

  3. I guess it wouldn't be possible to sneak a painted giant daisy or a dinosaur onto it when Jason isn't watching?

  4. I just love that touch Anita. Really fabulous. Pam x

  5. Anita, I very much admire your ongoing commitment to your renovations! That sow's ear will be the finest of fine silk purses when it's done.

  6. Hello Miss Silk purse

    Yey - the peach is gone!!! The best place for it to be - gone!

    love the orange box - at least you won't hit your head on it - you can see it first.

    It matches all those 70's recipies you did with pineapple a while back.

    have a great week ahead



  7. Great achievements, the end of peach and a punch of orange!

  8. Mise, funny that you would suggest a motif for the front...I was toying with a bright yellow lightning bolt. It obviously was vetoed.

    I wonder if orange will be the Tuscan Peach of the future...

  9. Fabulous, you'll have no troubles finding that next blown fuse in the dark!! Love Posie

  10. May I compliment you on your excellent cutting in! A job well done! x Jode

  11. That's the smartest fuse box I've ever seen.

    I think a yellow lightning bolt is not such a bad idea. Go on.

  12. I love a fuse box that goes pop. Not literally though.

  13. I was all set to comment on 'Shirtless Jason' from today but was diverted by the orange fuse box. NOW you know what sort of statistics I'm most likely to be counted in. The orange fuse box type. YOu knew there was something strange about me didn't you? ;-)



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