Wednesday, 26 October 2011

WWII field medical chest, amaryllis and agapanthus

Our friends Chris and Susan came bearing gifts quite unexpectedly on the weekend. They know that Jason is a keen military history buff and thought he'd appreciate an old war time medical pannier they had lying around their place. As one does.

It used to be their old coffee table long before they embraced modernism with much gusto.

I don't know what Jason will do with it but I think he may use it to store some of his precious military miniatures. At the moment it looks quite funky in our front entry.

WWII Field Medical Pannier

It is very cool piece of history.
It has leather trim, canvas covering and the body is a sturdy cane basket.

Inside the WWII field medical pannier.
It has the date and the list of what was contained in the kit.
We are given a lot of cool stuff. Thanks Chris and Susan!

Also, I took some photos for the lovely Katherine from theoldboathouse who so kindly acquired some agapanthus plants for my garden nearly two years ago. One of Katherine's friends generously passed on some excess aggies from her garden. I think I was given about 20 plants. Very kind people.

What a surprise when a couple of the agapanthus turned out to be rogue amaryllis. They look so similar when they're not in flower. I love them and they add a nice pop of colour to our front garden.

Red amaryllis flowers

Agapanthus ready to flower
I'm really looking forward to seeing the agapanthus bloom this year. Only one bloomed last year but I have my fingers crossed that we have more flowers this summer. Thanks Katherine and her generous friend!


  1. That medical field chest is fabulous! It sounds like Jason is the perfect recipient of it. We watched 'Dad's Army' last night. Stupid show.

    And agapanthus ... aren't they giving plants? And so tolerant. I wonder what colour your's will be? I've always had a bit of a yearning for the black ones.

  2. Black ones? Really? I am such a novice. I'm just pleased they're still alive under my not-so-green thumb.
    Aren't we luck with that medical kit. I'm thinking that maybe I should use it! xx

  3. That chest is every military buff's fantasy... and cool enough to please the lady of the house as well! Lucky you, being gifted such treasures!!

    - Catherine @ The Spring

    p.s. In Canada amaryllis are given as pot plants for Christmas... they're a typical hostess gift at holiday parties... so it's very strange for me to see them bursting out all over peoples' gardens in the middle of Spring!

  4. Interesting chest, Bris. So Jason collects military miniatures does he? Even more interesting. I have a friend who finally admitted he collected lead soldiers a few years ago. He had been too scared of the ridicule he might get for owning up to it, so we ridiculed him when he did.

  5. Hey Catherine, how interesting about the amaryllis in Canada!xx

    And Tom, you're a crack up. I forgot that Jason doesn't publicise his little lead soldiers. Oops! He'd be mortified if his non toy soldier friends found out! xx

  6. How about assembling the modern equivalent of all the former contents and using it as an actual medical chest, perhaps hosting local Girl Guide First Aid evenings? They'd bring cookies round to your place, isn't that how it works?

  7. It would have been an awesome coffee table! How very cool.

  8. I love that chest. What an amazing piece of history.
    I can't believe you can grow amaryllis in the garden. They're only a house plant here.

  9. Love the chest, I would leave it in your front entrance, it looks great. Mimi x


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