Tuesday, 4 October 2011

One roof gable to go...

...but who's counting.

Are you bored of the painting progress shots yet? Sadly, it's all we seem to do around here. Just paint, paint, paint and more painting at Fun and VJs central.

You'll be pleased to know Jason rallied on Sunday after being bedridden for most of Saturday. He's been unwell and had a day off, but on Sunday he painted through the snot barrier. 

It seems Jason will be able to complete all of the painting with the extension ladder with a bit of improvisation here and there. He's got it all planned in his head on how it will pan out. 

On Sunday morning, he painted the front roof gable and he managed to stay on the ladder without breaking his neck. I couldn't bear to look at him so high on the roof  with the tall, spindly ladder, however I soon got over that.

extension ladder 

He said shifting the ladder every time you needed to paint another section of the gable was a pain. He was up and down every 15 minutes or so.

Down, down, down, shift, shift, shift, up, up, up. 

It's probably not the most efficient way of painting but it will just have to do. Here are some action shots for the die-hard Jason fan(s) out there. I know who you are.

It really is a long way to the top...if you want to rock'n'roll.

The most soul destroying part was when I was taking this shot, Jason had just cleaned himself up and was calling it a day.

"Oh F%@#!. I missed a bit!" he gasped.

(You can't see it in the photo. It's under the eaves near the finial)

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  1. How awkward it must have been painting whilst perched precariously on that ladder! It's looking so lovely and fresh. You must be really pleased x

  2. Amanda, I was going to put a disclaimer on this post to say "don't try this at home". xx

  3. Hello Miss Silk Purse

    well your man really does teach people the centre of balance. I almost felt dizzy with those "looking up" photos.

    oh moan - that feeling of having things cleaned up and then seeing an area needing attention! *insert - enough to make someone drink!

    You are a wonderful human identifying the dual posts of yourself and AM x

    have a great day - what will we do with Mr J when the painting runs out? :)


  4. Oh he is a legend, although exposing only a midriff in the shot will hardly keep the die hard fans happy. Sow's ear is looking more and more purse like. melx

  5. Just looking at that ladder freaks me out. Whatever will Jason do when the painting is done???

  6. I can't believe he did all that cutting in from that angle on that ladder! Do you make him his favorite meal nightly? I feel like mailing him treats from here!

  7. Oh my goodness I have vertigo! Your home is looking fantastic, love the new colour. Mimi xx

  8. The transformation is looking fantastic! Jason sounds exactly like my hubby when he has 'missed a bit!' That soooo funny! Ahh the joys of painting. Have a great day. x Jode

  9. I had to tick your 'funny' box when I read about Jason missing a bit! (just in case you're wondering who would tick 'funny' when Jason may have killed himself falling off a very spindley ladder this weekend???) I suppose he could use the roof for half the other gable..but I don't know how he's going to reach the other side.


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