Monday, 17 October 2011

Vintage desk light

I find some cool stuff in my Mum's back room. The room is like the tardis, deceivingly small until you open the door and enter into a hoarding time warp.

Every visit to that back room uncovers a different 'treasure'. I've said it before, but I consider it my mission to declutter that room. The stuff in there may as well get used somewhere because as it is, it's just collecting dust.

It truly is a bonus when I discover something I actually love, such as my eldest brother's old desk light which he used when he was studying architecture in the early 80s. 

I'm hoping he's completely forgotten about it and won't go looking for it. Silly him for leaving it behind, I say! Anyway, Mum said he had more than one (hoarding is genetic, you know), so there is bound to be another one lying around if he goes searching nostalgically.

Vintage Freedom Furniture desk light
My brother's old lamp is clamped to our desk, lighting the way for my tapping fingers as I type. We lacked a desk light in the study and have been relying on the overhead light which is just a bare naked Edison bulb at this stage (it's an unintentional industrial look until we find a suitable fitting).

The lamp, to my great surprise, is vintage Freedom Furniture but made in Denmark. What the? Freedom Furniture made in Denmark? Clearly that was a very long time ago because the last time I looked there were no Danish goods to be seen!

Vintage Freedom Furniture light label.

It's a cool light (from my perspective), regardless of where it is made, and is very useful too.


  1. I would have put money on that being a Planet. Did they make lamps with clamps? Lamps with clamps. Lamps with clamps. We have one similar but it has a plastic shade. Actually I may just go and take a photo of it now.

  2. Thanks Mimi! And Zigsma, I'm not sure whether Planet had clamps. They often have a really heavy square base. Yes, do share your Planet images. xx

  3. Very nice indeed. Angular mechanical lamps have the appeal of old cars from before the era of bulbousness started.

  4. Love your work Anita, remember possession is nine tenths of the law! ( now I feel silly cause I just remembered Jason is in the law business). So possession is 9 tenths of the law when it comes to sibling lamps.

  5. It is such a cool lamp Anita. Your brother will have forgotten all about it....until he sees it on your blog and suddenly tries to claim it again. You stick to your guns!

  6. Very cool. I hope your brother doesn't read your blog!
    Ps love the images in the lady post. That car! Look forward to checking out the magazine :)

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  8. We used to have lamps like that, green ones. Who knows what happened to them!

  9. I can't believe you take one-thing-at-a-time from your Mum's.

    I'd be ... "Back up the ute, Jas. We're haulin' the mother-load home."

  10. It really is the tardis. Great find. I'd be decluttering that room like there is no tomorrow too. Can't wait to see what you find next. A-M xx

  11. LOVE the lamp - great style and colour. What a fantastic find! x

  12. Great lamp! I'm a bit of a shocker for pillaging my mum's hoarded possessions. (Eek, is it really genetic?)

  13. yeah but now you've blogged about it and made it trendy - he'll be wanting it back soon I'm sure!!
    I like it! alot!!! enjoy it while you can!!!!!
    cheryl xox.


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