Thursday, 20 October 2011

Winner of the Dulux Colour Consultation and Eames chair

Thank you everyone who entered the Dulux giveaway which was sponsored by Nuffnang! Sadly, there could only be one winner with this promotion...Boo! (But don't worry, I have a couple of other exciting giveaways planned, if you're a giveaway junkie like me!)

So, a hearty congratulations to Nat Duncan. She was overjoyed when I emailed her the news. I think I detected tears of joy in her response...but I could be exaggerating somewhat...

Nat is a very busy woman. Not only does she scout locations for Qld Film Locations, she also has a website called Precinkt which explores places to visit around the world. It draws on local knowledge, word on the street and cool finds which help you plan your time in a particular place. Check it out and maybe suggest your precinct?

As you can tell, the images for this post are totally unrelated to all of the above. I was at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre yesterday and spied some great imported Eames chairs at one stall. I had to take photos. They were very cool. From memory, I think that vintage green rocker was priced at the $450 mark.

green Eames Rocker

Orange Eames chair 
Too cool.


  1. $450 is pretty cheap for an original, isn't it? You pay at least double that amount for a reproduction from Living Edge (from memory). Is it Living Edge who produces them now?

    I also spy vintage Fisher Price. Whichever stall it is, they're on a winner.

  2. Ooh, very cheap. Was just looking at a splendid one of these on US ebay for $1700.

  3. It is probably a sad reflection of my life that I don't get out much but as soon as I saw that photo on my side bar I thought.... Someone has been to the WAC...he he. Congrats to Nat it couldn't have gone to a lovelier gal. Cheers Katherine...remember me, your slackest commenter. Xx

  4. Congrats to Nat! I think that rocker could find a spot at the Sows ear? ;-)

  5. Pick orange! Pick ORANGE!! Congrats to Nat :)

  6. Ooo, yummy chairs! Love the green rocker and not a bad price - well, not a bad price compared to what you'd pay for the same chair here in the UK!

  7. For a minute there I thought someone else had won not only one my Dulux prize but also an Eames chair. Now that would just be too unfair. I'm planning to pop down to Dulux and see if they will share the chromatic greys chart with me. melx

  8. Funny how things come out of the woodwork as soon as they are popular. I can't remember seeing so much mid century stuff around for a couple of decades now! I'd probably choose the green one if I could.

  9. Cool chairs from the coolest shop in town! I love the freshness of that snooker-table green - which did you take home?

    - Catherine @ The Spring

  10. Name that song! I'm sooo excited, and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control, (and I think I like it). Wwwooooo

    (just a bit excited to win the Dulux comp.)


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