Friday, 6 January 2012

Change of plans...already

So much for the big pronouncements for 2012...

Jason's putting on hold some of the 2012 renovation plans after he looked at our rather unhealthy bank balance just after I published that last blog post. Ha! Christmas and New Year are an expensive time of year, doubly so if all your life and income protection insurance is due on Boxing Day. Yikes!

It seems our reno desires are bigger than our budget at the moment. The decorative valances for our deck and recladding the bottom half of the Sow's Ear are postponed for now, so there will be no getting jiggy with the circular saw this month. It may be an Easter project.

Unfortunately, the priority will be on finishing the exterior painting while we save up some dollars. We have a lot of paint. And painting is a relatively inexpensive task when DIYing. The second carport needs to be finished too, as it is still in heritage colours.

Jason is planning to renovate the study at the same time - it is a small room and hopefully it will break up the monotony of just painting. There are window frames which need fixing and some VJ (vertical join) board  to reinstate on the walls; that may be the variety needed to spice things up around here. It will also be within our meagre budget.

Study windows with old tear-drop window hardware.

Study windows. The bullnose and scotia and window frames require some work!
Original casement stays
The funny thing is he went to buy brass window fittings on his way to work this morning. That's keen! He loves his polished brass and has bought enough for the seven windows which are in the study. I've said it before but Jason's all about bling and bedazzle.

I'd be inclined to keep the original hardware myself but this is a battle I know I will lose. Truthfully, the originals don't function well and the stays don't 'stay' either. And they don't bling.

To appease my guilt for replacing 80 year old fittings, Jason tosses it in a box in the garage so it remains with the Sow's Ear, but really he would have no qualms throwing it in the wheelie bin when I'm not looking!

Image from HERE

brass casement window stay


  1. Dont you just hate budgets, Im grovelling for a new laptop seen as though mine is 8yrs old & incredibly slow, maybe we could all just win a little on lotto!!!

  2. I hear you re budgets! I am working for a term this year and as much as I am dreading it I am really looking forward to some extra pocket money! If only living in Brisbane...Queensland...Australia... wasn't so bloody expensive!

    Maybe you have been given a sign that it's time to slow down and enjoy the fruits of your labour! Your home is so gorgeous-relax and enjoy it for a while!

    Best wishes and happy 2012 to you all!
    Natasha and Co.

  3. Oooh I hate it when the roadblock is money! Still - it forces you to be creative. Good luck with your renos!

  4. Yep, the budget really is a party popper. That's why we did no reno work last year.
    Lyn is a bit the same with throwing things out. I like to keep as many original bits as possible but he is happy to replace.
    Did I mention we have started on the mammoth exterior paint job? Not fun!

  5. I feel your pain ... such is life and all ... easter is not that fair away :) le xox ps maybe we can have a relatively cost free coffee later in the year :) ya !!

  6. Budgets stink:(. But you are being very good and doing the right thing. Rome wasn't built in a day.
    I love the original hardware but I also love a little bling too. I once told my electrician a girl can never have enough crystals on a chandelier lol.

  7. I think it is actually useful to have to rein back every once in a while - it is brilliant for doing the niggly things that make such a colossal difference - it's also why I am still suffering the popcorn ceiling in my bedroom after ten years, I don't belieeeeeve it...

  8. 'Bling and bedazzle', he's a keeper! A-M xx

  9. I can't look at brass without thinking of Jason. It was never out of fashion you know.

  10. I do like those new brass fittings. They make the whole window.

    Possibly it's a good idea to halt the renovating for a while ... give yourselves a break.

    Do you do opera? That is, go to see it?

  11. Thanks for your comments everyone!
    Sonia, I guess brass is something that is a constant but I draw the line to brass in the bathroom.

    MMMC, you know I've never been to the opera. Tragic isn't it. I will have to put it on my to-do list. xx

  12. I could have used Jason here this week after the great bedroom painting debacle that was!! Your study is going to be the brass, love the everything you guys do : )

  13. Oh the budget the budget...they do so often get in the way don't they. But wow Anita, looking back at everything you've achieved so far, the Sows Ear is looking so fabulous. Good things take time, and I can't wait to see all that I know you'll achieve this year. Amanda x


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